I’m a former pre-school teacher turned pharmaceutical executive with a passion for life, and for all things beautiful.  I love shopping, traveling, eating, singing, photography and great design.  Most of all, I love my job, my husband, and my little girl, A.


9 responses to “About

  1. Hej blogger friend, it’s nice to read about someone that is happy as you are. Congrats & take care:) Check out my blog for inspiration when you have a spare moment / Marie

  2. Hi Mia, Love your blog and love that you’re blogging! 😀 Love writing too, but for now my blogs are more like journals and shall remain private until I can write regularly. 😉 I knew we had common interests, but didn’t realize we have a lot more! I too love shopping, traveling, eating :-D, singing (dreamt of Philippine Repertory and Broadway. HaHa!!), photography and all things beautiful (tsk tsk, shopping and this often get me into trouble), and of course, my family. Will always love and care for the Philippines and am always proud of all good things Pinoy. 🙂 You can be sure I’ll be following your blog. 🙂 And yes, hope our little 1YOs can meet someday soon.

    • Thanks so much, Tina! To be honest, I’m a bit insecure about my writing, but I figured–what the heck? Hahaha! I find blogging to be a great outlet and diversion for me–it’s a reminder of all the things I should be thankful for, especially on those days when “life” gets a bit much. Haha! How nice to know that we share so many interests–and on top of that, all things Pinoy 🙂 Am actually composing a blog post about Filipino accessory designers soon. Watch out for it! I hope you’ll find it interesting :). Thanks again for the encouraging words, Tina!

      • I can totally relate! Actually one of my blogs is called “A MILLION AND ONE | reasons to be happy and grateful”. Don’t worry about your writing! I think you sound great — makes one feel like she’s talking (or listening!) to an old friend. Can’t wait for the post on Filipino accessories designers. Was going to make “fan request” nga on that topic. 😀 Perfect!

      • That’s a nice title! Maybe one day you’ll finally decide to “publish” your blog–can’t wait for that! Naku, Tina, I think when you finally visit Manila I should take you accessory shopping. There are so many talented designers nowadays–nakaka-inspire! But if you find anything in my post that you like, let me know kasi I might be visiting NY next year 🙂 Haha! *bad influence* ;p

  3. Great “about” – I look forward to “following” you through the happy and other moments! – Renee

  4. Hi! 🙂 Just wanted to ask, just in case you remember the seller of these items (https://mydailydoseofhappy.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/chinoiserie.jpg) I bought a couple of jewelry boxes from her before but cannot remember the name of her ‘stall/store’ Would you by any chance remember or know? I tried perusing through the AWCP site but I need to login to access the vendor’s list. 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi there! Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the seller nor her store/stall. I just remember where the stall is located in the AWCP bazaar 😦 Sorry about that.

  5. Hi Mia! I’ve nominated your sweet blog for the “Super Sweet Blogger Award.” Please visit my post to view the rules and responsibilities for accepting. Congrats!

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