Bar Cart Makeover

Because of its accessible location, my home has become entertaining central lately.

Especially on Friday nights, my cousins who work close by love dropping by our place to have a drink or two, while waiting for the crazy traffic to subside.

Our wine and cheese, or sometimes chips and scotch nights have definitely awakened the inner hostess in me.  Hahaha!  It’s made me want to invest in nicer cheeseboards and knives, prettier chip bowls, and a nice bar cart to hold all our glasses, drinks and other cocktail stuff.

Even though I’m not really much of a drinker, and the hubby usually just drinks scotch, wine or beer, I think a bar cart would be such a chic way to display our beverages, especially when we have guests over :).  Don’t you think so, too? 🙂

Good thing that my mom’s bodega is really such a treasure trove of vintage things!  So much of my own furniture right now are actually cast-offs from my mom!  Hahaha!  And during one weekend trip home, I happened to spy what seemed to be a sad looking bar cart partially hidden underneath a pile of mahjong cases.  Upon closer inspection, I was quite excited to confirm that it was!!!  After getting my mom’s permission to take the bar cart home, the hubby and I loaded it onto our trunk, and drove away as happy owners of a truly awesome find!

Here is what the bar cart looked like.  It was a boring black color, and you could tell that the metal frame was already rusty, and had just been painted over.  The mirrored glass at the bottom level of the bar cart was also cracked and icky.  The wheels were stuck, and could not be rolled. Slide1

After consulting Pinterest and other blogs online, here are the pegs that I used as inspiration for my refurbished bar cart : oncedailychicblogspot

Image from


Image from


Image from


Image from


Image from

We hired someone to execute this project for us because as you can tell, there was a lot to be done to get it even close to Pinterest-worthy.  Hahaha!  The paint had to be stripped, the rust had to be removed, the metal smoothened (if that’s even possible) and coated with fresh paint.  While I initially wanted to do it on my own and claim all the makeover glory, I felt it would be more practical to leave this job to the experts.

And I’m glad I did.

This is what the bar cart looks like today.  Don’t you think it looks worlds away from what it used to look like? And while the styling and accessorizing are still a work-in-progress, I am already quite happy with how this little makeover turned out :).



Ain’t she a beauty? 🙂

As in the photo pegs, I plan to decorate that navy wall too, to add even more drama to this little corner :).

I would definitely call this makeover a success, don’t you agree? 🙂  Wine-and-cheese-slash-chips-and-scotch nights just got a little bit more exciting :).


2 responses to “Bar Cart Makeover

  1. Love the new color! You made a very nice transformation

  2. Love it! Can’t wait to try in on for size….*hint* *hint* 😉

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