Hello, 2015, and My Goals for the Year

Sorry, folks.  I know it’s been a while since my last blog entry.

While I’m not going to get into the reasons why (I’ll save that for another post), I’ve decided to resurrect myself from my seemingly, but unintended blog “death” to document my resolutions-slash-goals for 2015.  I thought that would be a meaningful way to mark my re-commitment to blogging this year :).

Do you believe in making resolutions?  I do.  I’m actually a big resolution maker. And yes, like many, I’ve fallen into the trap of breaking them, but not without a best effort try.  And even though I fail many times, I don’t consider breaking my resolutions a total loss.  I end up learning so much about myself in the process, and by doing so, I find I am not only better equipped to handle different kinds of situations, but I am also more accepting of my strengths, my flaws, and know precisely what I want, and what I don’t want.  I find that quite empowering :).

And so for 2015, I find myself once again engaging in the practice of setting goals for myself at the beginning of the year, and looking forward to the adventure and excitement that trying to achieve them brings :).  2014 was kind, such that I finished the year quite accomplished–actually ticking something off my bucket list.  I hope that 2015 will be as fulfilling and productive :).

My 2015 goals are :

1. Spiritual : To grow more in my relationship with God by finding more time for quiet time and prayer, and to try to go to First Friday mass.


2. Health : To try to lose 20 (gulp!) pounds, and to find an exercise routine that I enjoy and can stick to;  To change my eating habits, and to try to adopt a healthier lifestyle;  Be kind to myself, and get enough sleep and rest.


3. Family : Get pregnant;  Spend more QT with my little one.


4. Work : Be even more organized and disciplined;  Be more focused;  Try not to sweat the small stuff;  Try to be a tougher, but still motivating leader.


5. Indie Arie* : Expand my product offerings (!!!) and possibly release my caftan line this year; Try to do something creative everyday.


6. Travel : Travel at least once every quarter whether locally or internationally;  Travel to one place/destination that I have never been to before.


So there you go.  I feel that by putting these goals out there for the world to read, I’m actually signing a contract and binding myself to them.  They’re totally legit now!  Hahaha!

If you’d like to see how I progress, or if you’re interested to see how my 2015 turns out, please do visit my blog from time to time to check in on me :).  I promise to make it an exciting year! 🙂

*Indie Arie is my foray into entrepreneurship.  More about it in another post :).

P.S.  The images I used are not mine (except for the one under Indie Arie), but “borrowed” from various sites on the web :).


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