Manila FAME in InstaGrams

If you are my friend on InstaGram, you probably noticed how I was flooding your feed with images last week of the Manila FAME expo. My apologies for that. I guess I couldn’t contain my excitement on how fabulous this year’s show was!!!  Hahaha!

But the posts I made were but a fraction of the wonderful things I saw. Here’s more!

These were but some of the baskets that we saw at the OTOP (One Town, One Project) section of the show.

More baskets! This was a collaboration with Heima. Love the colors! Pretty, and functional too!

Aren’t these baby brogues by Maco Custodio too cute!!!

One of my favorite accessories designers, Ken Samudio, fresh from his exhibit in London, showed off his new editorial pieces–hats inspired by corals in the ocean. So pretty, right? I wonder what he’ll come up with next!

Baubles from Joyce Makitalo. I sooo want her dipstick necklace and am saving up for it for this year!

Would you believe that this is both a bag and a sculpture?!? Only from the mind of super creative jewelry designer Micheline Syjuco. It’s definitely an art piece in itself!

Another fresh concept from Kenneth Cobonpue.


I must have ordered 3 new dresses from Filip+Inna!  Len Cabili is another one of my favorite designers!


Through these shows, and the various pop-up events I’ve attended, I’ve met a number of young and extremely talented designers.  Here is the Bungalow 300 display.  The creative tandem behind it is Vernice Songco and Marga Espiritu.  I just love the way they put things together!  Bravo, ladies!!!


Another artist to watch out for is Lilliana Manahan.  I just loooooove her quirky and colorful planters!!!  If I’m not mistaken, I think they took their inspiration from a buko shell!


Mats, mats, glorious mats!  These beauties hail from Basey, Samar, one of the towns hardest hit by Yolanda last year.  While they are still recuperating from the tremendous loss, the mat weaving industry is starting to get back on its feet.  I hope events like these will help their businesses to start picking up again!


Another beautiful exhibit on other Filipino weaves curated by Bungalow 300.  Everything here was so pretty, and just looking at it was so inspiring!


T’nalak Weaving.  I heard a story that one of the famous weavers sees these designs in her dreams so each of the patterns produced is really unique!


Last year, Schema was one of the hubby’s and my favorite booths.  We adored their pendant lamps and wanted to get some for our dining area.  This year they came out with these copper balls.  Oh no!  I want them too!!!  Hahaha!


Vito Selma’s Lotus table is giving his Geo table a run for its money!  Hahaha!  Did you know you can turn the base over for a different look and effect?  Genius!


While mommy was ogling the Lotus table, A set her sights on the Cara-Boo.  Don’t you just love it? 🙂


I think this Raina chair was one of the most photographed pieces in the expo.  Definitely queen-worthy!


Catalina’s booth is always visually striking!


Loved these functional yet decorative storage baskets from Hacienda Crafts!


Ok, so I totally want a distressed wooden dining table now.


Wow!  Love the effect of all these lightings clustered together 🙂


Beautiful throw pillows from Tadeco.  Loved their display too!


Such chic lighting from AZCOR! 🙂  It would definitely go well with my distressed wood dining table!  Hahaha!


A peacock chair from Obra.  I have no words… 🙂


For my future beach-slash-rest house 🙂


I wouldn’t mind lounging on these floor pillows as well.  So cool that they’re just made from jersey cloth!

So there you have it–my curated images of Manila FAME (trust me, there were too many nice ones to choose from!).  I hope they will encourage you to drop by and see the next show, which is scheduled for around October.

Not only is it a way to show your support to our local designers, and to the local traditions, but I’m sure it will be a feast for your (design) senses as well!


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