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Packing Light

The H’s and my first trip of the year is coming up!!!  Woohoo!!!  With all this heat we’ve been experiencing in Manila, I’m definitely ready for some cooler climes 🙂

Because our vacay is fast approaching, I figure I need to start planning what I have to pack, since not only am I a notorious last-minute packer, but I also tend to majorly overdo it :(.  Hahaha!  I’m one of those gals who loves to dress up when traveling, and I hate it when I have one of those moments where I regret that I didn’t bring a particular piece of clothing.  Hence, my tendency is to overpack and make sure I have the right outfit for the right occasion.  Or in some cases, I’ll even bring extra clothes, just in case.  Most of the time, my suitcase is already filled–and I’ve only just departed Manila!!!

This time around, however, I plan to shop, shop, shop, so I definitely have to leave enough room in my suitcase for my purchases.  Hahaha!  This means I MUST plan my outfits verrrrry well, and stick to those that are practical and easy to mix and match.  I’ve resorted to googling different sites for some tips, and here are what I’ve found:

I love how this guide simplified the picking and packing process into 5 easy steps. The first tip is also very practical, especially when going to a place you’ve never been to before.  In my case, we are traveling to Alaska, Seattle and Canada.  It will be my first time in all those places, so knowing what kind of weather to expect will definitely affect my clothing choices.

This is pretty similar to the first packing guide,  but this one in particular divided the list by the type of item–Basics, Brights, Shoes and Accessories.  I’m already sensing a pattern here.  Definitely, a travel wardrobe should include basics in a neutral palette, then to keep things interesting, a few clothing pieces with pops of color should be thrown into the mix.  It seems that accessories are also key in extending wardrobe looks.  While I’ve always been an “accessorizer”, I tend to not really edit my selection of necklaces, and just bring a whole bunch of them with me.  Not only are they bulky and heavy, but I end up not wearing most of them anyway :(.  So this time around, I will definitely put more thought into my accessory choices :).

Lastly, just wanted to share with you this really neat illustrated outfit list/planner.  When I saw it, I was like, “Hey, this is something I would TOTALLY do!!!  Why didn’t I think of it before?”  Part obsessive compulsive and totally creative, I am super loving it!!!

Images via apair-andaspare.blogspot.com, betweenheandshe.com, underconsideration.com