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I was a little bit late logging on this time around, but luckily I was able to snag this beauty when the Philip Lim for Target line went live…


Yay for me!

My cousin who works for Target told me that most of the bags sold out after just a couple of hours!  A ruckus even erupted between 2 lady customers who were fighting over one of the purses!  Egad!

So I may not have gotten everything I wanted, but I still ended up with a wonderful buy–and all from the comforts of my home.  Online shopping is totally the bomb! 🙂



Blog Give-Away ALERT!!!

Menorquinas Bangkok is giving away 2 pairs of their comfy and stylish sandals!

To know more about these uber chic slip ons as well as contest details, all you have to do is hop on over to www.matteroftasteonline.com.

Let’s all join na!

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Fabulous Find : V-neck Tees

I’m a uniform kind of gal.

As I’ve gotten older, practical but stylish dressing has been key in helping me keep up with the demands of my family, my career, and my lifestyle.

Now that I’ve pretty much figured out the kind of silhouette that works best for my body type, I tend to stick to this type of clothing–hence, the uniform.

Lately, it’s been all about t-shirts and pencil cut skirts.  Not only is it very classic, but I also love that the look can go from casual and relaxed, to dressy and sophisticated with just a change in accessories and footwear!

Last weekend, as I was treating myself to some retail therapy at the Karl Edwards Bazaar in BGC, I happened upon a stall that was selling cotton v-neck shirts in bright, bold colors!  Perfect for the summer!  At only Php150 a tee, I could not resist buying it in 5 different colors!  What a steal, right?


I even found a great pencil cut skirt in a lovely shade of magenta too.  I love that it will go with any of these tees!

So there you have it, my fabulous find for the week–v-necks in the colors of summer!  Not only are they bright, happy and versatile, but I love that they were so affordable too!

The Weekend That Was (Part 2) : Bungalow 300 Pop-Up

I admit I was a bit ambitious with my weekend plans :).

Trying to make it to four different events while squeezing in some quality family time is  almost next to impossible!  Hahaha!  Ofcourse, if you ask the hubby, he’ll say it’s downright crazy!  Hahaha!  But I’m lucky he’s such a great sport, and that he’ll pretty much tag along with me wherever I please :).  So in short, yes, I was able to have my cake and eat it too! 🙂

Sunday started with some retail therapy at the Karl Edwards Bazaar.  Scored some amazing finds, perfect and just in time for the summer!  More on that in my next post :).

After the bazaar, my family trooped over to Bungalow 300’s pop-up store in North Forbes.

I knew it.

I was practically ooooh-ing and aaaahhh-ing over almost everything they had!!! Hahaha!  I loved it!  Marga and Vernice, the dynamic duo behind Bungalow 300, totally outdid themselves this time!  Not only was there a well-edited selection of home accessories and furniture, but there were also a lot of not-commercially-sold pieces from other local brands and suppliers available.  And the way everything was put together and displayed–PERFECTION! *Sigh*  It made me totally want to buy a house!  Hahaha!

Here are a couple of shots I took of the set up and the merchandise.  Warning : they have A LOT of GREAT stuff!

At the foyer, you already get a glimpse of the wonderfulness that’s to come :).


Doesn’t the color scheme of this room instantly perk you up?  I love the turquoise apothecary jars, the restored buffet table and the set of drawers.  Except for the seating in this photograph, the furniture is from Resurrection Furniture.


More apothecary jars, this time in clear and amber. I. WANT.


Aren’t these ceramic bunnies adorable?


*Sigh* This living room was just too gorgeous for words.  I love the coffee and side table–so streamlined and simple, yet oh so chic!  The inlay work definitely adds a touch of class as well :).  The wire baskets in the corner are from a collaboration with artist Jinggoy Buensuceso, while the terrariums are from RAAB.  I finally was able to buy one!!!  Woohoo! 🙂


This was another corner in that beautiful living room.  I loved the leather chair and the lahar coffee table.  Am thinking of commissioning one for our home soon.  I just have to figure out what to do with our current table, especially since it doubles as storage space.  Form versus function?  Haaaay!  Decisions, decisions…


Next to the living room was a formal dining area.  Isn’t that purple ikat stool to die for?!?  Here are pictures of my other favorite spots…




These plates were also so exquisite!


Other finds were the inabel blankets, placemats and dish cloths, home accessories from Domesticity, Potentilla room fragrances, as well as natural hand and dish soaps in the cutest glass jars! 🙂


When I saw this table, my heart skipped a beat.  I loved the charm of the slightly rusty drawers, and the rustic effect of the wooden top.  I can totally imagine this sitting in the middle of my dream kitchen!  Hahaha!  The vignette on top with the blue ceramic owls was also so attractively arranged :).

I’m so happy I was able to drop by the Bungalow 300 pop-up store :).  Every room in the house was so beautifully decorated with the furniture and home accessories, that one cannot help but be enticed to make a purchase :). Hahahaha!  I guess that was the plan :P.

If you do have the time, I recommend that you “pop” by and see it for yourself! The pop up store is open until next weekend!  If you plan on going during the week, though, you’ll have to call for an appointment.  I assure you, you won’t be disappointed :).

Bungalow 300 telephone no. 519 3143, mobile no. 0947 618 8616Pop-up store is located in #6 Banyan Road, North Forbes Park, Makati.  As you enter the gate, it’s the first house on your left.

I Am Loving…

…these LoveBirdsLA clutches!!!


I just love having really talented friends and family :).

LoveBirdsLA is a partnership between 2 long-time friends, M and K, who also happen to be both friends and family of mine (K is married to the H’s cousin! :))

LoveBirdsLA is a line of gorgeous, unique clutches–all hand-made by K–with fabrics sourced from exotic places like South America and Asia!

Aren’t they so cheery and colorful? 🙂  They definitely add an instant pop to my wardrobe!

The neon zip is definitely my favorite detail :).  I love that it is quite unexpected, and oh so eye-catching!

I use my LoveBirdsLA clutches all the time now!  In the daytime, it’s in my bag carrying smaller items–my wallet, lip balm, my cellphone, a pen, and my planner. When I have to leave the office, I no longer have to bring my ginormous work bag with me.  I simply grab my LoveBirdsLA clutch, and I’m out the door with all my essentials!

At night, I’ve used it as a statement clutch to accent my LBD.  Since I’ve been feeling quite lazy to dress up lately, I can actually get away with wearing a simple dress, then just amp it up with my colorful clutch!  Don’t you just love dressing made easy?  Hahaha 🙂

If you wanna know more about LoveBirdsLA, visit their site at http://www.shop.lovebirdsla.com

Target + Neiman Marcus = Uh Oh!

Ok, where did October go?

Seriously, I can’t believe it is almost November and I’ve not made a dent in my Christmas List yet!

Uh Oh.


On the bright side, Target and Neiman Marcus are launching their new collaboration on December 1st,  just in time for last-minute shoppers like me!

This partnership is truly a match made in retail heaven!

24 famous designers + a collection of 50 limited-edition holiday gifts!

It doesn’t get better than this!

And finally, the look book is out for us to drool over.

I’ve taken the liberty of picking my favorites and must-buys already :).

Here they are:

1. Travel Pouches and Stationery Set by Carolina Herrera

2. Beverage Container and Lunch Box by Tory Burch

3. Martini Shaker, Glasses and Tray by Altuzarra

4. Dessert Plates by Tracy Reese

5. Metallic Pouches by Marc Jacobs

6. Beaded Top by Tracy Reese

7. Polkadot Dress by Jason Wu (for the little one!)

8. Beaded Dress by Marchesa (another one for A!)

Uh Oh.

I bet my credit card is already cringing.  Hahaha!

But aren’t they beeyoooteeefull? 🙂


Looks like I’m gonna have to definitely set my alarm for December 1st.

Please, universe, conspire with me on this one :).

Photos via abullseyeview.com

Rest In Peace

I hate goodbyes :(.

Especially when it’s to a loyal companion, that’s seen me through a lot of my life’s journeys.

Before you start getting the wrong idea, let me clarify :).

I’m actually talking about my JCrew tan sneakers.  They’ve seen their last trip, I’m afraid :(.

I’ve had these kicks for years–since I was living in New York.

They’re my most favorite travel shoes–they’re easy to pair with a lot of my clothes, and they’re really comfy! Plus, I think they look more chic than running shoes, and less typical than the usual Converse Chucks :).

But alas, all good things must come to an end–as the saying goes.  And while I’ve enjoyed our time together (and definitely got my money’s worth out of it!), unfortunately, none of my efforts to resuscitate these sneakers have been successful :(.  From these pictures, you’ll see that while it still looks pretty good on the surface, the soles are beyond repair.  I have lovingly worn them out, I’m afraid :(.

I guess I have to accept that it is time to move on.

And to be honest, these new sneakers have made moving on much easier for me.  Hahaha!

These are Bensimons.  I’m currently obsessing over them!

Don’t they look soooooooo cool? 🙂

I love that they’re French too!

*Sigh*  I can’t decide what color I want to get :(.

But definitely, I can’t wait to get myself a pair…or two :).  Hahahaha!

Unfortunately, they’re only available online for now and cost anywhere from about $48-$55 a pair.  That means I need to get them shipped to a US address.

Good thing I have several relatives on their way home, so it shouldn’t be a long wait :).  It’s practically Christmas already!  Hahaha!

Ooooh, something to look forward to!

I guess saying goodbye didn’t turn out to be so bad after all :).

I am Loving…

…Bottega Veneta totes!

There are 2 types of bags on my lust list–the ones I want to buy, and the ones I can only dream of buying.  Hahaha!  Hey, dreams are free so why not, right? 😉

One of the brands that has eluded me thus far (and has remained a dream for now) is Bottega Veneta.  I’ve been eyeing an Intrecciato Nappa tote for a while, but because of the steep price point, I’ve opted for other more affordable bags on my list.

This morning, however, I received some “bad” news on my FB news feed (read: credit card beware! Hahaha!) .  Just recently, Bottega Veneta launched two new bag lines and not only are they beautiful, but they are certainly very affordable!  This news just made my European trip in October mighty interesting!  Hahaha!

Named Intrecciomirage and Intrecciolusion, the two lines belong to Bottega Veneta’s 2012 Fall Collection.

The Intrecciolusion line features items made of twill that undergo an artisanal process that prints the signature intrecciato pattern onto the bag.  On the other hand, the Intrecciomirage features thin Nappa leather, embossed with the same intrecciato design.

In keeping with Bottega Veneta’s style aesthetic, the bags are breathtakingly simple and streamlined.  I love the pop of colors in their fall collection, too, and wouldn’t mind taking home a tote in Canyon or Teal :).

Even this gold one looks really pretty…


Too many bags, too little moolah!  Hahaha!

One thing’s for sure though–a girl can never have too many totes, right? :p  I am obviously already justifying this future purchase!  Hahaha!

Photos via bottegaveneta.com

I am Loving…

…High Low Skirts!

Quite surprising because I’m not that into clothing trends, but there’s something about this hemline that’s got my interest piqued :).

Skirts are actually my default clothing.  I practically live in my pencil cut skirts as I wear them both to work and even during the weekends with a classic vee or a round-neck tee.

But lately I’ve been wanting to spice things up, and this style seems to be just the thing I need to add a bit more perk into my wardrobe.

I’m a bit iffy about the sheer, pleated variations, though.  Too young.

I think a darker color and longer hemline would be more my thang :).

And if I could find one in jersey just like the ones above, that would be even more perfect!

Baubles + Happy Weekend

Hopefully, around the same time next weekend, I will be the proud owner of this:

What is it, you ask?  They’re embellished shoulder pads with three layers of draped crystals!  Yes, it’s a bit of an unconventional type of accessory, but I’ve always been one for drama and oomph!  Hahaha!  Bongga!

Made by the talented Yekky Balingit of the brand miadore, I am truly amazed by the workmanship and detail of this fabulous piece!  I’ve been lusting after it ever since it made an appearance in his Las Mujeres lookbook.  And next week, it will be MINE!!!

Nothing like a little bit of bling to start off this weekend :).

Hope you have a wonderful one, folks! 🙂

Photo Credit: miadore FaceBook page