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First Day High

A's First Day of School 2013

This is the little girl on her first day of school.

After giving it much thought and discussion, the H and I decided to send her to Gymboree for another year.

She was so excited! And that definitely made me feel so relieved :).

I really just want her to enjoy school, and to make friends. To learn new skills, and to socialize with kids her age. Everything else will come later. ­čÖé

Gosh. She looks like such a big girl here, doesn’t she?


She’s growing up too fast :(.


Today, happiness is…

…the little one “moving up” from nursery school!


Our baby is really becoming a little lady!

Congratulations, my love!!!  Mama and Dada are very proud of you!

On First Days + Happy Weekend

The Little Miss started school this week. ┬áThankfully, it was not as emotional for me as I thought it would be. ┬áMaybe because I used to be a teacher, so I’ve gone through the experience of separation but obviously from the other side? ┬áOr maybe because I know my child is confident and curious, and the classroom will provide both the stimulation and interest to keep her little mind and body busy? Or it could also be because I’m a bit relieved that finally, A will have other kids her age to interact with, instead of just her usual company–Yaya and Ate E?

I guess it’s a little bit of all :).

But definitely, I could not help but play the role of the proud stage mama, clicking away and capturing all the memories I could of A’s first day.



I can’t believe how time has flown!!!

Have a Happy Weekend, folks!!!