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{Party Planning} A Shower for Maggie

One of my BFF’s Nina is about to give birth soon to her 4th (yep, 4th!!!) daughter, Margarita–Maggie for short.

And did you know that Margarita is spanish for Daisy flower?

So how appropriate was it that we threw her this floral-themed baby shower?!? 🙂


The beauty of planning for this party was that it only took me and my co-conspirators, C and D, all of 30 minutes to plan over Viber, and we divided the tasks quite equally too!

Since I was dying for a project, ofcourse, I took care of the event styling.  C, who is a whiz at baking, made all the desserts!  And D, our barkada food expert, took care of the menu.

Here is how everything turned out…


These cartolina flowers were quite a challenge to make, but I think they turned out well, nonetheless :).  For a change, I wanted a backdrop that had a little bit more depth, hence the large, 3-dimensional flowers :).



Don’t you think C totally outdid herself with the desserts?  And to think she had 3 big orders that weekend!  We had a single layer chocolate cake, cupcakes, sugar cookies and mango panna cotta!  What a spread, right? 🙂

For the dessert table design, my favorite detail was the floral print.  I wrote about it in a previous blog post.  I used it as liners for the cupcake stands, for the banners, and I also used it as a background for the special “M” I made in honor of Baby Maggie 🙂  In hindsight, though, I should have cut out a thicker “M” so that it would be more visible :).

You’ll notice I used the little one’s toys to add to the decor :).  That’s her wooden teapot and creamer set just behind the cupcakes.  Hahaha! 🙂  I also used one of her favorite bears, and her stuffed bunny :).  I had to be resourceful…Hahaha!

Here are some of the other design elements of the party…


A sea of crepe paper flowers for the centerpiece!  Cheap, but has impact! Hahaha!


A simple arrangement of baby’s breath inside A’s food bottles served many purposes–decor, place card and souvenir!!! 🙂


A confetti system used to decorate the buffet table.  I had fun making this one! 🙂 Again, very affordable, yet festive and impactful :).

I really had such a wonderful time making all the decor for N’s baby shower! Even better, the celebrant loved the ambience and event styling too!  And that’s what counts–hahaha!  And it didn’t even cost me that much either!  Goes to show that a little bit of creativity and lots of tiyaga will go a long way :).


The gang’s all here!

These ladies have been my friends since Grade School!

We may not see each other as often, but I am lucky to have them in my life 🙂


Open Doors

I find it so amazing how this blog has opened many doors for me :).

What started out as a venue to remind myself of the everyday things I should celebrate, has turned into an opportunity to share my hobbies, my talents, and my interests.  In short, the things I love and am passionate about :).

In case you missed it, I wrote about how our home was featured here, and how my vision for my daughter’s first birthday party was also featured here.  While I was actually a bit dyahe that something so personal to me and my family was put under a spotlight, my discomfort was eased by my eagerness to inspire others with my ideas, and to share my love for all things beautiful.

Also recently, through this blog, I received an invitation (plus an offer for free tickets!) to write about the upcoming ManilaFAME Expo in October.  Wow, I totally didn’t see that coming!  Hahaha!  But I am thrilled to be given the chance to see the show, and to blog about my experience :).  It’s my little way of showing my support to Filipino artisans, and promoting Filipino culture.  Pinoy pride!!!

Lastly, this just got published recently:

The picture of the mat weaver at the center of the article is mine! 🙂

To have one of my images published and used in a foreign publication is such an honor for me!  I am beyond excited and thrilled considering that I am not even a professional photographer.  Hahaha!  Isn’t this way cool? 🙂

I can’t help but feel thankful for such experiences that not only encourage me to continue to do what I do, but to continue to celebrate the wonderful life I have, with all its unexpected surprises :).

While these opportunities are actually the icing on the cake, I’m feeling pretty good about my decision to start this blog, and am inspired and excited to share even more of my little “doses of happy” with all of you :).

Article via Mingpao Weekly Issue 2284, Hong Kong

Many thanks to Edith Cheung for the feature!


The Commissary @ Whitespace

I don’t know what it is about 2012, but everyone seems to want to throw surprise parties!  It is only the first week of February, and yet I’ve already been to 4!  Both my dad and my father-in-law celebrated their special days with a surprise, so did the H’s best friend and best man, B.  The latest celebrant is my cousin M, who received a huge shock when 50 of her closest friends and family gathered together at The Commissary last Saturday, to wish her a happy birthday. 🙂

Props goes to her husband M, the mastermind behind the entire operation :). He did a great job making all the arrangements–from the invitations to the menu to bringing the unsuspecting birthday girl to the location :).

The facade of Whitespace

I’ve never been to The Commissary, but I’ve been hearing and reading alot about it lately.  It is situated at the back of Whitespace, an events place located at Chino Roces extension, and right next to Manila Contemporary, an art gallery that features modern artwork by Filipino artists.  On weekends, I think The Commissary serves as a pop-up location for the now defunct Pepato, and still serves popular dishes from their lunch and dinner menus, as long as reservations are made in advance. 🙂

I like the typography 🙂

When we arrived at the Whitespace compound, we were directed by the guard to a pathway by the side that was supposed to lead us to The Commissary.  I liked how it was lit by votives–it immediately gave off such a dramatic effect :).  I somehow already knew we were in for a lovely experience that evening :).

Unfortunately, my iphone could not quite capture the drama in this scene 😦

Before we got to The Commissary, we passed by the windows of Manila Contemporary first.  Despite the strong urge to step inside and explore the artwork that was on display, I was a bit worried that cousin M would be arriving any minute!  I didn’t want to be the one to spoil the surprise–haha!  So I just had enough time to snap these photos:

Such a huge space!

Interesting art!

As I finally entered The Commissary, I marveled at how beautifully decorated the space was :).  Despite the fact that it is basically a simple room with white walls, Gaita Fores (of Cibo fame) was able to successfully transform it into a place that very much felt to me like my lola’s 1970’s living/dining room.  Five round tables with vintage chairs occupied most of the space, as well as a small reception area, a round buffet table and a rectangular console which served as both the gifts and desserts area.

The color motif of the evening was pink and chartreuse–very Thai-like–and there were arrangements of beautiful flowers everywhere (ofcourse by Fiori di M).  I was very much in awe by my surroundings, it actually made me want to throw another party!  Hahaha!

The beautiful decor at The Commissary

This set up, in particular, evoked memories of get-togethers at my grandparents' house.

Another lovely area 🙂

The walls were tastefully accessorized with Ivan Acuna paintings.  It provided a bright contrast to the stark white walls with its energetic burst of orange color 🙂

The menu served was composed of pretty simple but healthy fare.  The presentation, however, was a different story :).

The very healthy and yummy fare of the evening, so beautiful in its presentation :).

We had salad and tomato soup to start with (cheese and tomato skewers and croquetas were also being passed around by the waitstaff), and some cod and tomato-based pasta for our mains.  I loved how the noodles were mixed and twisted on top of a huge parmesan wheel :).  How’s that for presentation and drama! 🙂

For those of you who love to entertain, this here is a fabulous idea to up the presentation factor 🙂

The desserts were deadly :p.  Some Tiramisu came as part of the menu, but some friends brought in red velvet, chocolate cake, and mango torte as well.  Here is how my dessert plate looked like:

No, I did not eat it all (haha, defensive)! I had some help from the H 🙂

Again, the evening was deemed another success, with all the elements working together to bring about an unforgettable experience.  From the intimate ambience, to the delicious food,  and to the great company–*sigh*–what a wonderful evening this sure was!  And I do hope, as cousin M says, it’s a sign of more wonderful blessings and good vibes in the year to come!

Thank you, M, for inviting us to be a part of cousin M’s special celebration :).  While I can personally say it was a lovely night for us, I’m sure it was even more lovely for her!  Congratulations for pulling it off!

The Commissary @ Whitespace is located at

2314 Chino Roces Ave. Extension, Makati

Contact Number is 7290030

The Little One Turns The Big One

Just recently, my daughter turned one. To celebrate such a momentous occasion, the H and I threw a big shindig and invited most of our closest friends and family. While the party was quite successful, and everything turned out beautifully, I am so glad it is over! Haha! Don’t get me wrong–I love throwing a good party every now and then, but I have to admit, I think I may have gone just a tad overboard for this one. Haha!

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