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Takatak Attack + Happy Weekend

There are about 16 more days until my daughter’s 2nd birthday party, and plans are in full swing!  I’ve already finalized the menu, the desserts, and the giveaways, and the paper pinata I’ve been working on is finally done!  The only things left to do are to print and cut out the gift and dessert tags, and to finalize the tablescape.

One of the major design elements in A’s upcoming Mexican fiesta is a papier-mache horse.  I was thinking of making it part of the table centerpiece, along with tissue paper flowers, and cactus plants.

I know that these horses, also known as takas, are available in Paete, Laguna, but how to get there, and finding the time to go posed a bit of a problem for me.

I think it was quite providential that while I was browsing FaceBook one evening, I chanced upon a friend’s picture of an art fair that featured a taka seller!  What luck!  I immediately googled the seller and was blown away by what I saw (and learned)…

The Takatak Project is a collaboration amongst four friends (formerly advertising professionals), who want to keep the tradition of taka-making alive, as well as adapt it to more modern times.  Together with the artisans of Paete, they first worked to standardize and perfect the mold of the horse figure, then started painting it with more contemporary designs.  The results are truly remarkable…

Image via clauderodrigo.wordpress.com

I waaaaaaant!

When I saw samples of the takas on their FB page, my heart literally started skipping–I was so excited!  You know how much I looooove Filipino crafts :).  To know that a new generation of Filipinos are working to keep it alive for future generations to enjoy, is truly a wonderful thing!  (And definitely, these takas are the perfect decor for A’s party!)

To push the envelope even further, The Takatak Project recently held an art show featuring different renditions of takas by 60 Filipino artists.  The exhibit, held at 10 Alabama last July 21st was aptly called, Takatak Attak: Modern Takes on the Traditional Taka.  I knew I just had to go!  By hook or by crook!  Hahaha!

So even though it was a wet and rainy afternoon, I dragged my little family (A included :)) to 10A Alabama.  Despite the gloomy weather, I was in the sunniest of spirits as I viewed and appreciated the workmanship that went to each taka. There was certainly no shortage of talent in the entire show!  Here is what I saw:

Aren’t the pieces lovely? 🙂

There were too many that I wanted to take home with me!  Unfortunately, there really isn’t any space anymore in our little shoebox (read: condo).  Sad 😦  So I pretty much had to content myself with these pictures I took on my iPhone.

But all is not lost 🙂  I am definitely looking forward to the takas I’ll be painting for A’s party!  Project time!  Stay tuned for the finished product next week!

Till then, hope you have a great weekend, folks!  Stay dry!