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Project Nursery

Over the weekend, the H and I finally got to finish a project that’s been begging to be completed for like forever!  I’m talking about A’s collage wall.

You may have noticed that the wall in my bedroom is a collage of picture frames, letters and artwork.  I intended for the little one to have a version of the same design idea in her room, just executed differently.  Unfortunately, though, I’m such a procrastinator, and it took me almost all of two years to get it done.  Tsk, tsk!

But anyway, here is how the finished wall collage looks like:

What do you think?  Here is a closer shot:

So I basically just added a couple of stuff to ones that were already on the wall.  I had Ginny Alcaide do a framed sketch of A:

Whoops!  Not a very good picture 😦  Sowee 😦  But it’s actually a sketch of A on silk screen material and framed in wood.  If you see shadows on the image, that is because there’s a second and third layer underneath, where the same image of A is also sketched.  I guess it’s supposed to give off some three dimensional sort of effect :).

When A was born, I had all her visitors sign this onesie.  It was kinda like her guest book.  Cute idea right?  Thanks, ofcourse, to Ninang M :).

I finally found a frame that was big enough for the onesie to fit into, and I’m really happy with how this one turned out :).

This last element that I added was not included in my original design for A’s nursery, but since we had it anyway, we decided to just go ahead and use it. And I’m glad we did!  I love the bling of this repositionable sticker, and the bright pop of color it adds to the entire wall :).  Incidentally, I also call the little one “love” sometimes–it’s kinda like my pet name for her–so that makes it even more perfect and fitting for the wall collage!

So there you have it–another successful weekend project I can check off my to-do list!  Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? 🙂