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A’s Vacay in HK

This is another delayed postūüė¶. ¬†So many things to blog about, so little time! Hahaha!

August was a month of holidays–first the 4-day weekend that I just wrote about in my previous post, then followed by a 3-day one. ¬†While we opted for a staycation the first time around and did things around the metro, the last 3-day holiday we spent in Hong Kong with the little miss. ¬†It was her first international trip! ¬†The H and I figured it was about time to expose her to foreign shores. ¬†That HK is just an hour and a half away made it a no-brainer choice for us!

Thankfully, A is a pretty good traveller–at least for the most part. ¬†While she usually hates feeling restricted and has a tendency to get antsy, new things tend to intrigue and captivate her–enough to keep her distracted from tearing her seatbelt off! ¬†Hahaha! ¬†And when the novelty of her environment has worn off, the iPad helps to keep her busy. ¬†I know, I know. ¬†It sounds like really bad parenting, but honestly, it’s been a lifesaver on many occasions such as this one.

I love that this trip was a great opportunity to expose A to new things and new experiencesūüôā. ¬†As someone who has travelled all her life, I can see how instrumental it was in shaping the way I think and act, how it has influenced my tastes, and how it has made me a more confident, self-assured person. ¬†I truly wish the same for my A so the H and I agreed early on that we would take every opportunity we had to go on trips with her, and to teach her the “ways of the world.”

So since this was a pretty momentous trip for our family, we decided to make it even more memorable by including a visit to the “happiest place on Earth”–Disneyland!

While I honestly did not think it would be an age-appropriate experience for A just yet, because she loves watching Disney Junior and loves the story of Snow White, I relented.

True enough, she wasn’t very interested in the rides, and the lines were too long to wait for. ¬†However, she really enjoyed watching the Flights of Fancy parade, browsing the merchandise at the Disney Store, and when she saw Minnie Mouse, her favorite character, her expression was priceless! ¬†She was like an awestruck groupie! ¬†Hahaha! ¬†I think that’s what made the heat, and the trip to Disneyland more than worth itūüôā. ¬†To see the look of happiness on A’s face made everything worth while!ūüôā

Looking through these pictures, I’m a bit wistful that our time in HK was too short. ¬†All of a sudden, after Disneyland, our vacation just zoomed past us! ¬†I didn’t even really have time to shop! ¬†Hahaha! ¬†Maybe it’s the H’s answered prayer?ūüôā ¬†Hahaha! ¬†But like I said, the entire trip was definitely a memorable and fun experience. ¬†Haaaaay, how I would love to do this more often!

Next up? ¬†Probably Singapore and the Night Safari–the little miss looooves animals. ¬†It will definitely be something to look forward toūüôā.