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Instagram Inspiration Round-Up

I noticed I’ve been spending less time on FaceBook, and more time on Instagram lately. ¬†I love how it keeps me updated on what people I follow have been doing, and at the same time, it gives me a daily dose of inspiration!

This week, these were the images that caught my attention, and made me smile ūüôā


Don’t you just love that console? ¬†*Sigh* ¬†I would love one of those for my home!


Wise words.


Sticker art on an elevator door.  Love love love the colors and the design!  Genius!


These gift tags are too cute! ¬†If I’m not mistaken, they’re made with washi tape! ¬†And we all know how obsessed I’ve been with washi lately. ¬†Hahaha!


I’d love to decorate a dessert table like this one day. ¬†So simple, yet so claaaazzzzz!

So there you have it, my top 5 Inspiring Instagram Images for the week. ¬†Hope they inspire you too! ūüôā


Instagram Friday

I love days like these that are busy and full of interesting experiences!  Despite the fact that I was exhausted to the core, Friday was such a wonderful day for me and I just wanted to share some snippets of it with you :).

First off, I attended and spoke at a press conference for one of our products, Ascof.  We introduced our two new powerhouse endorsers: Winnie Monsod and Winnie Cordero.  Our brand ambassadress, Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez was also there to show her support :).

My second event was the launch of Daphne’s Home Fragrance at Dimensione Bonifacio High Street. ¬†I was touched that I was invited by Daphne herself :). ¬†Relations aside, I’ve always been a fan of hers and her products. ¬†I love how she has grown her brand, and admire the projects she has chosen to pursue. ¬†Let’s just say, I am living vicariously through her experiences :). ¬†Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to pursue my own passions as well :).

The set up of the event was like that of a tea party. ¬†It suited Daphne’s personality to a tee (no pun intended ;P). ¬†Very old world, sophisticated, and feminine :). ¬†I love how her chairs were displayed too. ¬†Bench really did a wonderful job!

On a side note, Daphne’s Home Fragrance is available at Dimensione and bench stores. There are 3 scents to choose from: Jasmine Mint Infusion, Acres of Lavender and Homemade Lemon Tart. At Php348, I think it’s a steal!

Finally, my day ended with another company event. ¬†While the first two were very lifestyle, this one was a bit more business-like and formal, and involved entertaining a lot of doctors. ¬†Thank goodness the venue was very near home as I was thisclose to collapsing from exhaustion!!! ¬†Hahaha! ¬†It was a fun event, though, and it was nice to see everyone enjoying both the food and the entertainment :). ¬†I particularly loved the event design which carried the theme Filipino fiesta, as well as the song numbers of the “Dalagang Bukid”. ¬†Very old school Pinoy!

So there you have it–my busy, busy, but incredibly wonderful Friday :). ¬†What a great way to end the work week, and to start the long weekend! ūüôā