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Baubles + Happy Weekend

Hopefully, around the same time next weekend, I will be the proud owner of this:

What is it, you ask?  They’re embellished shoulder pads with three layers of draped crystals!  Yes, it’s a bit of an unconventional type of accessory, but I’ve always been one for drama and oomph!  Hahaha!  Bongga!

Made by the talented Yekky Balingit of the brand miadore, I am truly amazed by the workmanship and detail of this fabulous piece!  I’ve been lusting after it ever since it made an appearance in his Las Mujeres lookbook.  And next week, it will be MINE!!!

Nothing like a little bit of bling to start off this weekend :).

Hope you have a wonderful one, folks! 🙂

Photo Credit: miadore FaceBook page


On First Days + Happy Weekend

The Little Miss started school this week.  Thankfully, it was not as emotional for me as I thought it would be.  Maybe because I used to be a teacher, so I’ve gone through the experience of separation but obviously from the other side?  Or maybe because I know my child is confident and curious, and the classroom will provide both the stimulation and interest to keep her little mind and body busy? Or it could also be because I’m a bit relieved that finally, A will have other kids her age to interact with, instead of just her usual company–Yaya and Ate E?

I guess it’s a little bit of all :).

But definitely, I could not help but play the role of the proud stage mama, clicking away and capturing all the memories I could of A’s first day.



I can’t believe how time has flown!!!

Have a Happy Weekend, folks!!!

Happy Mother’s Day + Happy Weekend!

To all the mothers out there, advanced Happy Mother’s Day!  Hope you get your share of pampering and extra special treatment!  You deserve it!  Oh and have an awesome weekend too!

Happy Weekend!

From our family to yours… 🙂