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Date Night Diaries { La Girolle }

Last week was really hectic.  And I mean crazy, tiring hectic.  Like, “I-Wanna-Catch- My-Breath-and-Take-a-Day-Off” type of hectic.

So finally, I did.

And what a day to choose to take off–it was a stormy, gloomy day, perfect for staying in and curling up in bed.

But did I do that?  Ofcourse not!  Hahaha!

Instead, I figured it was the best time to treat myself and redeem some Deal Grocer coupons I bought for La Girolle, Chef Ian Padilla’s French restaurant at the Fort.  Since the terms of the deal were that we could only use it for a weekday lunch, off the H and I went to enjoy a well-deserved meal, despite the slightly psychotic weather.

Located at the second floor of the Blue Sapphire Building on 30th Street, getting to La Girolle is like getting to some super secret location.  From the elevator, we were showed through a door, then led down a hallway of offices, and a parlor.  I totally would not have guessed that a restaurant of this (supposed) caliber would be hidden amongst these establishments.  It’s a good thing that they had a welcoming committee at the lobby that showed us the way :).

When we finally got to the end of the corridor, we arrived at an understated, simply decorated, surprisingly small space of a restaurant.  We were greeted at the door by Chef Ian, and were ushered in by the maitre d’ to a table by the window.

After showing us our menu for the day, the H and I (and our stomachs!) were ready to begin our culinary feast!  Here is what we ate:

I’m glad that my La Girolle experience truly lived up to, and actually even exceeded my expectations!  After reading about it in other food blogs, I came with high hopes and was truly expecting to be “wowed” by the food.  And “wowed” I was!

The tasting menu came with a sampler of some of La Girolle’s more popular dishes.  We had the Grapes and Bleu Cheese Salad, the Veloute of Cauliflower Soup, Pan-Seared Fish of the Day, and the Red Wine Braised Beef.  For dessert we had the Caramelized Lemon Tart.

The entire meal was, to me, perfection!  It was served nicely plated, and at just the right temperature :).  The portions were sizeable enough so that we weren’t “bitin“, and had enough room in our tummies for the succeeding courses.  Eventually, though, everything piled up and I found myself quite full at the end of the meal!  Hahaha! 🙂

I loved the flavors of each dish as well.  The fish of the day was also very fresh, while the beef was sooooo soft and tender.  It is obvious how Chef Ian and his staff pay attention to each and every detail of the eating experience, and make sure to give their customers food that is not just of good taste, but of best quality as well!

While La Girolle is a classic case of “Don’t Judge a Restaurant by its Looks,” I’m still hoping that a bit more pizazz and creativity can be added to its ambience.  There is no doubt that the food here is top notch, but having  more interesting interiors, I think, can only add to the experience :).