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Ooops, I Missed It Again!!!!

While we are on the subject of bags, I can’t believe I missed this again… 😦

This is the second round of the eBay x CFDA You Can’t Fake Fashion campaign. The limited edition bags were released last March 20, and almost immediately after the 8am launch, all bags were sold out!!! Geesh!

Remember when I wrote about it here?  I guess the initiative must have been hugely successful for it to have a repeat run.  This time, however, even more designers lent their star power to the cause, and created one-of-a-kind, uber chic tote bags!!!

Argh!  Can you tell I’m just a bit inezzzzzzzz?  Hahaha!  Next year, promise, I will bring one of these babies home.  As they say, third time’s a charm!!! 🙂  Hahaha!

Here are my favorites from this year’s selection:

BCBG MaxAzria

Catherine Malandrino

Deborah Lloyd for Kate Spade

Diane Von Furstenberg

Doo Ri

Foley + Corinna

Jessie Randall for Loeffler Randall

Joy Gryson

Judith Leiber

Monica Botkier for Botkier

Prabal Gurung

Rebecca Taylor

Vena Cava

Images via ebay.com


My Fantasy Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner!  91 days to be exact :).  Truth be told, I already started Christmas shopping last March, but I certainly have a ways to go. While I usually enjoy buying presents, I also find the task of finding the perfect gift a bit daunting :(. Prrrresssuuure!

In my immediate family, we’ve gotten a bit more practical over the years and have resorted to coming up with Wish Lists.  We usually list down 5 items we’d like to receive (up to a certain amount, ofcourse :)), then it’s up to the giver what they’d like to give.  I find that it’s a more practical way of gift-giving, plus it’s also a win-win situation.  Not only does it take out the guess-work,  it also guarantees that the recipient will like his/her present because its something that he/she really wants.  There’s also still some element of surprise because at the end of the day, the recipient does not know what the giver will decide to buy.

Same goes for our extended family.  We’ve also started to make wish lists, but to add to the practicality, we do it Kris Kringle style.  I come from a big family, and I usually go a bit crazy over the holidays looking for the “perfect” gift for cousins, tito’s and tita’s.  The list is endless (okay, I’m exaggerating a bit)!  Last year, however, we decided to start family Kris Kringle.  I honestly think it is the bestest idea!  Trimming my list down from 18 to 1 is not just time-saving, but easier on the pocket as well 🙂

So with all these thoughts of the holidays looming in my head, I’ve decided to compile my fantasy wish list.  Why fantasy?  Well because they’re not things I’d actually ask for or can afford to buy right now– maybe when I have the time or the moolah 🙂  Haha! To be honest, while I like expensive things, I’m not the type to ask for them–even from the H.  My parents also always taught me to live within my means, and to never ask to be given things.  When A grows up, it’s something I’d like for her to practice as well 🙂

So here it is, my fantasy wish list…

The newly-released Canon Power Shot s100. The better to take pictures of A with, my dear 🙂

Photo Credit: amazon.com

The Fendi Medium Peekaboo Bag. I just love that it is classic, stylish, yet functional.

Photo Credit: geekpurses.co

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