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The Weekend that Was

Snippets of my busy but fun weekendπŸ™‚

I was fortunate enough to catch the play version of Carlos Celdran’s Imelda tour with the H and my good friend, MπŸ™‚. Β Hilarious, slightly irreverent, and extremely witty, this show gave us a peek into the lives of the Marcoses, specifically Imelda, which was filled with glitz and glamour, but unfortunately had its share of sex, lies and scandal as well.

I thought it was pretty cool that I learned so much about our country’s history, although it made me feel a bit wistful when I saw how beautiful and “untouched” Manila was during those times.

The play was staged at the Silverlens Gallery along Chino Roces extension. Β Not surprisingly, Carlos Celdran and his fellow actors played to a packed house. Β It was a pleasant mix of expats, normal people (like moi) and Manila’s socialites that were in attendance.

Saturday was mostly a work day for me so I will not bore you anymore with the details.

Β Sunday, however, was family bonding day, so the H and I took advantage of the time and the weather to take a trip to the weekend market with the little oneπŸ™‚

I personally loooooove Legaspi MarketπŸ™‚. Β Aside from the yummy food, there are so many interesting things you can find there–from plants to jewelry to arts and crafts items. Β It’s a lovely place to browse and find inspirationπŸ™‚.

Another typical weekend activity for my family is grocery shopping. Β We usually head over to Rustan’s at Rockwell, and use the opportunity to make pasyal the little one as well. Β Here she is trying out the cars at the Activity Center and at the supermarket. Β She loved it!

Our Sunday ended with a simple family dinner and a 2-hour massage session prior to bedtime.

How I wish the weekends were always spent like this! Β How was your weekend?πŸ™‚