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Gift Wrapping Idea # 3 : Twigs and String

Just wanted to share with you another gift wrapping idea that I did for the little one’s teachers last March, for her Moving Up Day.


I have a whole bunch of twigs at home from a flower arrangement that my sister used for her son’s baptism.  Being the crafter that I am, I knew that these twigs would come to good use someday so I convinced the hubby to let me keep them and not throw them out :).  I’m glad he agreed :).

For these particular gifts, I decided to use the twigs as accessories, dressing them up with three different colors of string–red, pink and white–to contrast the black floral print of the wrapping paper.  The string is crochet string, and I bought it in National Book Store.  The wrapping paper is from the stationery department of SM Hypermart :).

When it came to attaching the twigs to the gift, at first I tried using glue, but unfortunately, it didn’t adhere properly.  So instead I tried using my ever reliable and decorative washi tape, which I think gave it an interesting effect :).

For the final touch, I decided to stick  the gift cards in some non-typical places, just to provide some visual interest again.  In hindsight, I should have probably cut the card in the shape of a leaf and position it next to the twig so that it looked like it was attached.  Oh well.  Maybe next time :)…


Work-in-Progress Washi Wall

Our office just underwent a major renovation.  Aside from breaking down walls and re-assigning rooms, our entire space was re-laid out to maximize the total floor area of the office.

It was a pretty humongous undertaking, but I have to admit I am loving our new headquarters! 🙂  It’s definitely roomier, brighter, and more conducive to collaboration :).  Plus, it was nice to start the year in new digs! I can tell that our employees are both excited and motivated :).

A new office also meant a new room location for me :).  When I first moved in, the white walls were definitely screaming, “decorate me!!!”.  Hahaha!  You know what that means…project time!!!  Hahaha!  And for my first project, here is my Washi Wall!!!


Since I didn’t want to drill any holes into my wall, I decided to “frame” my daughter’s artwork, as well as other interesting images with washi tape.  I am loving the work-in-progress so far! 🙂

What do you guys think?

I’m actually in no rush to fill in the space as I’m sure it will get filled with inspiring images in time.  For now, it’s my personal little happy corner in the office :).

Gift Wrapping Idea # 2 : Pompoms and Polkadots


Over the weekend, I had to wrap a birthday present for one of A’s classmates.  As I was feeling extra crafty, I decided to start with a blank slate–kraft paper–and build from there.

Using left-over hole punches, I first stuck neon orange circles onto the kraft paper.  I love the look of bright orange against neutral brown.  It really stands out!

Then instead of ribbon, I used two shades of blue yarn which I wrapped several times around the gift.  I topped this off with several sizes and colors of pompoms. I thought it made the present look really festive and fun! 🙂

For the gift tag, I used a manila tag, and used my stamps to create the greeting. To personalize it a bit, I let the little one sign the card :).

So there you have it, an easy, festive, and crafty gift wrapping idea!  It took just a couple of minutes to actually put this together, and I had so much fun doing it too! 🙂

Gift Wrapping Idea # 1

Among all my recent creative pursuits, gift wrapping is the one that I’ve been enjoying the most :).  I’ve loved exploring with different kinds of paper, ribbon, embellishments and styles.  It is such an inspired process that allows me to experiment, to innovate, to personalize, and ofcourse, to prettify :).  And the results are almost always gratifying :).

My friends keep on telling me that I should start doing gift wrapping for a living, but I fear that doing so would put me under tremendous pressure, so much so that I may lose my love for it altogether.  Hahaha! 🙂

So instead, I’ve decided to share some of my ideas here on my blog :).  Hopefully you will find some inspiration from them, and may even be encouraged to do some gift wrapping of your own! 🙂


For my first Gift Wrapping Idea, I’ve decided to share what I did for my dad’s present.

It’s really very simple.

I started out by choosing a navy blue wrapping paper with white design.  To add a bit of visual interest, I paired it with a thick, plaid grosgrain ribbon in yellow and black, to contrast the “daintiness” of the wrapper. I finished it off with a diy gift tag, that the little one and I collaborated on.  I did the calligraphy, while she stuck the pompoms and the sequins.  And boy did she have fun doing it! 🙂

The result is a cheerful and festive looking package!  I love that it has so much personality, and was so easy to put together!  🙂

So I hope you liked my first gift wrapping idea entry.  Expect more to come!

Happy Sunday, folks! 🙂

Recycled Envelopes + Happy Weekend

Whenever I get to spend even just a couple of minutes creating something with my hands, it is a happy weekend indeed!  I am grateful that lately, the hubby has been indulging me with this, giving me my much needed relaxation from a hectic, busy week.  He takes over parental duties, while I lose myself in the wonderful world of crafting :).

A couple of weekends ago, I decided to make some recycled envelopes.  I got the idea from my salon, actually :).  They started making their tip envelopes out of magazine pages and I thought that was such a brilliant idea!

I’ve always been a staunch advocate of reusing, recycling or upcycling.  Especially that we can see how the effects on Mother Nature have been particularly harsh lately, it’s never too late to do our share for the environment :).  In this case, instead of throwing away the piles of magazines that I’ve accumulated at home, why not turn them into something useful such as envelopes? 🙂

Here is a simple how-to:

1. Gather all the materials you will be needing


2. Get one of your used envelopes and open it up using a cutter.  You’ll be using this to trace a template onto your piece of cardboard.  You can totally eliminate this step and use the envelope itself as a template, but sometimes, because the paper is “soft”, you’ll notice the edges will start getting worn out the more you trace over it.  I prefer to use a stiff board as a template :).



3. After you’ve cut the envelope template out, you may also want to make a template for the envelope liner.  Simply trace the rectangular body and top flap part of the envelope.  Measure 1/4 cm from the top edge and left edge and mark where they meet with a dot.  Then draw a diagonal line from the bottom left corner of the top flap to that dot, and repeat on the right side.  Draw a straight line connecting the dots from left to right, and cut out this portion from the cardboard.



4. After you’ve cut out all your templates, start choosing the magazine pages you’d like to cut, and pair it with the pattern you’d like to use for the liner.  In this case, I chose a picture with bright and beautiful flowers on it, and paired it with a green and pink floral pattern origami paper.


5. Starting with the envelope template, I traced it over the part of the page where the flowers were concentrated.  After cutting it out, I did the same with the envelope liner template.



7. Before sticking the liner onto the envelope, I had to score it first.  By doing so, I created lines that I could align with the edges of the liner.  I used my metal ruler to help me make straight lines.


8.  Stick the liner onto the envelope with the rubber cement.  For those of you who are not familiar with rubber cement, it is a wonderful adhesive that does not cause any wrinkling, and is less messy than regular glue.  Also, if you make a mistake with rubber cement, it is easy to peel the paper off again and redo. Unlike glue where the paper tends to rip, rubber cement is much friendlier especially for those of us who get pretty OC with our crafting :).


After gluing the liner, you can also start assembling and gluing the envelope itself.

9. Finish off by putting a round sticker at the flap :).  Again, this step is optional, but I thought it gave the envelope a little bit of polish :).


So there you have it, a tutorial on making envelopes out of magazine pages :). Easy peasy, right? 🙂  And super fun to make!  Trust me, once you get into the groove of it, you will notice the hours just pass you by! 🙂

Hope you have an amazing weekend!!! 🙂

{Party Planning} A Shower for Maggie

One of my BFF’s Nina is about to give birth soon to her 4th (yep, 4th!!!) daughter, Margarita–Maggie for short.

And did you know that Margarita is spanish for Daisy flower?

So how appropriate was it that we threw her this floral-themed baby shower?!? 🙂


The beauty of planning for this party was that it only took me and my co-conspirators, C and D, all of 30 minutes to plan over Viber, and we divided the tasks quite equally too!

Since I was dying for a project, ofcourse, I took care of the event styling.  C, who is a whiz at baking, made all the desserts!  And D, our barkada food expert, took care of the menu.

Here is how everything turned out…


These cartolina flowers were quite a challenge to make, but I think they turned out well, nonetheless :).  For a change, I wanted a backdrop that had a little bit more depth, hence the large, 3-dimensional flowers :).



Don’t you think C totally outdid herself with the desserts?  And to think she had 3 big orders that weekend!  We had a single layer chocolate cake, cupcakes, sugar cookies and mango panna cotta!  What a spread, right? 🙂

For the dessert table design, my favorite detail was the floral print.  I wrote about it in a previous blog post.  I used it as liners for the cupcake stands, for the banners, and I also used it as a background for the special “M” I made in honor of Baby Maggie 🙂  In hindsight, though, I should have cut out a thicker “M” so that it would be more visible :).

You’ll notice I used the little one’s toys to add to the decor :).  That’s her wooden teapot and creamer set just behind the cupcakes.  Hahaha! 🙂  I also used one of her favorite bears, and her stuffed bunny :).  I had to be resourceful…Hahaha!

Here are some of the other design elements of the party…


A sea of crepe paper flowers for the centerpiece!  Cheap, but has impact! Hahaha!


A simple arrangement of baby’s breath inside A’s food bottles served many purposes–decor, place card and souvenir!!! 🙂


A confetti system used to decorate the buffet table.  I had fun making this one! 🙂 Again, very affordable, yet festive and impactful :).

I really had such a wonderful time making all the decor for N’s baby shower! Even better, the celebrant loved the ambience and event styling too!  And that’s what counts–hahaha!  And it didn’t even cost me that much either!  Goes to show that a little bit of creativity and lots of tiyaga will go a long way :).


The gang’s all here!

These ladies have been my friends since Grade School!

We may not see each other as often, but I am lucky to have them in my life 🙂

Washi Clipboards

Inspired by this…


I finally found the time to do this…


A washi tape clipboard!!!

Will be using this to display pictures on my office wall 🙂


Must remember to use a brighter color next time, though 🙂  Hahaha!


Doesn’t this post card make you smile?  It’s so happy!  Thanks, heykessy!

Photo of clipboards grabbed from decor8 instagram

Fab Finds : Craft Fair Loot!

I am so excited to share with you all the loot I got last weekend!

As it turned out, there were 2 arts and crafts fairs, and I was lucky to be able to hit both!  Woohoo!

First off was the La Feria En Arte.  It was held at ARTS in the City in BGC.


I was able to score some cute felt items for the little miss…


Aren’t they adorable? 🙂

It’s too bad I wasn’t able to get the name of the seller. 😦

I also got these pretty frocks from Silly Monkey Clothing.  I just love the fabric prints! 🙂  Cheerful, happy, girly, and perfect for the summer! 🙂


My next stop was 10a Alabama–my favorite arts and crafts fair!


It did not disappoint!  Just look at all the treasures I went home with…


01 Postcard from heykessy

02 Notebooks from Spellbound

03 Washi Tape from heykessy

04 Doily Stamp from Sitting Pretty Crafts

05 Little Girl Stamp from Rubber Ducky Stamp Co.

06 Bookplates from InkyLivie

07 Notecards with Envelopes from InkyLivie

Can you believe all these are made by local artists/crafters?  Serious talent, right?


For now, I live vicariously through these amazing creations.  Hahaha!

Hooray for DIY!  Hooray for arts and crafts!

Today, happiness is…

…a mother-daughter art collaboration!


With nothing planned over the non-working holiday (intentionally so as I had just arrived from two back to back trips!), I was determined to do something creative and fun with the little miss :).

I’ve been feeling awfully guilty about not spending enough quality time with her lately (the pitfalls of being a working mom :(), so I thought it was time to bust out the watercolors and paint to Katy Perry!  Hahaha!  Yes, my daughter loooooooves dancing to Katy’s music!


A did the lines, while I made the “dots”! 🙂

Of all the artworks we produced, this was my absolute favorite!

It’s a good thing I remembered I had a spare frame from SM in our storage cabinet so in a matter of minutes our collaboration was framed and ready for display!

Simple pleasures :).

My dose of happy for the day :).

Handcraft Holiday

Just before the Christmas madness began, I found time to do one of the things I love to do the most–craft!

Yup, I’m a crafter :).  And I’ve been one for as long as I can remember.  When I was little, I used to make lots of things–bookmarks, stationery, comic books, picture frames, jewelry, t-shirts, etc. etc.  I even sold some of them to my classmates :)!  That didn’t last very long, though, as I discovered that I’m more of a creative rather than a business person–hahaha!

As an adult, I’ve had less time to craft, and I miss it so :(.   While my job allows me to exercise a lot of creativity, it’s just not the same as making something with my hands :(. During the few times I’ve had the opportunity, I try to go all out. The last crafty thing I did was the decor for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party. Read all about it here.

So when one of my favorite bloggers, Alessa of lifeafterbreakfast.com, announced that she was holding a Handmade Holiday session, I jumped at the chance and signed up!  I’ve been wanting to join her crafternoons for the longest time, but it’s either I don’t have the time, or I already have something planned for that specific weekend.  However, as fate would have it, December 9 was a rare, free Sunday for me!  Yipee!  So I was super duper excited to participate in this afternoon of crafting and creating :).

The Handmade Holiday session was intended for crafters to get together, and make gifts for the special people on their Christmas list.  We were provided with materials such as wooden beads, paints, canvas bags, rubber blocks, kraft paper, stamp pads, wooden tags, etc. etc. so we could create handmade, personalized presents, and even wrap or package them in a creative, unique way.

Earlier on, I had decided I wanted to make some rubber stamps, so that’s what I worked on the entire afternoon.  Here are images of the super fun session:



Alessa also fed us some really yummy snacks while we were crafting–kamote chips and vegetarian lasagna! 🙂 Sarap! 🙂


It was really such a fun afternoon!  I got to meet several crafters, and spent the entire time doing something I love :).  I actually got so lost in the moment that I didn’t feel the hours whizz by so fast!  At 5PM, I was super bitin, and equally sad to leave :(.  Huhuhu  :(.

If anything, this Handmade Holiday session only made me realize how I’d like to do more creative things and pursue more of my passions in 2013.  These have taken a back seat to work and mommy duties lately, but I’ve decided that I’d like to push myself a bit more to make the time this year :).  2013 will be MY YEAR to get creative!  Woohoo!

I am so excited!  Wish me luck 🙂  This is definitely one goal that I’m determined to make happen! 🙂