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Let’s Pray for the Philippines

I hate storms.  And the Philippines is currently bracing itself for one of the strongest, if not THE strongest storms this year.


My head is literally pounding right now from anxiety, and my heart is aching for all my countrymen living in the provinces that lie straight in the storm’s path–especially Bohol, where I am sure the people there have not yet recovered from the devastating earthquake that hit them last month.

My only hope is the Lord hears all our prayers, and that He spares us, especially those who have already lost so much.

“Almighty and Loving Father, Creator of the Universe, we fervently ask Your Divine and Infinite Mercy to take control of the rain and typhoon.  We put our trust in Your power.  We implore You to embrace our country.  Calm the weather as You did with Your Disciples at the middle of the sea.  In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen.”


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Foodie Friday : VASK

If there’s anything I look forward to, it’s a mid-week night out to make the rest of the work week feel like it’s going by faster.  Hahaha!  All the more if the night out is spent in the company of close family and friends, amidst good food and a cocktail or two :).

A couple of weeks ago (yes, this post is that late.  Hahaha!), that is precisely what my cousins,  the H and I, and my good friend M did.  We finally tried VASK, one of the newest restaurants to hit the BGC food scene.

To describe VASK in a word, I would say it was unexpected.

I arrived, for example, thinking that we would be eating in a very chichi restaurant, but was surprised at how casual the dining area actually looked.  Though the lights were dim, and the furniture modern and sleek, I could not help but feel like I was in a slightly upscale cafeteria.  I think the Mickey Mouse-esque design of the ceiling had a lot to do with it.  Hahaha!

I have to give props to VASK for the Darth Vader statue at the foyer, though.  Again, unexpected, but a nice kind of unexpected :).



That night’s crowd was also a mixture of various types of people–expats, locals, a much older older crowd and some thirty-somethings.  It was nice to know, however, we were neither the oldest nor the youngest guests of the evening :).


On to the food…





VASK had two different menus–a traditional tapas menu, and a selection of new basque cuisine dishes.  We decided to get a selection from both.

For appetizers, we started with the Huevos, Hongos y Cebollas (62degrees sous vide egg, porcini mushrooms, garlic, breadcrumbs, port wine sauce, onion foam), the Pulpo a la Gallega (octopus, potato, olive oil, paprika), and the Salpicon de Marisco (prawns, octopus, mussels, olive oil, red wine vinegar, onions, marinated red bell peppers).

All were really good but the Huevos was the one that surprised and impressed us the most.  When it arrived at our table, it pretty much just looked like foam. Hahaha! 🙂  But when each one of us had a chance to try it, we all agreed that it was the best starter of the night :).  The mix of the ingredients wonderfully worked together, producing the most flavorful and delicious dish.  Proof that looks can definitely be deceiving!  Hahahaha :).

For the main course, we had the house specialty Txuleton (US Angus Prime Ribeye, 28-day Dry Aged), the Scallops and Black Ink Risotto, and the Manitas y Callos a la Bizkaina con Chorizo (pork knuckles, tripe, chorizo, onion, dried pepper).

While the Callos was okay, both the Txuleton and Scallops were quite yummy!  The Txuleton was cooked to medium doneness, and had a nice, crispy seared exterior.  The meat was also very soft and tender.  The serving was quite big though–it was enough for everyone in our party of seven to have a couple of bites each :)!

Scallops and risotto are a favorite combination of mine, and I’m glad that VASK’s version did not disappoint.  In fact, our table was pleased with the size and “fatness” of the scallops.  Obviously, this restaurant makes use of the choicest and freshest ingredients :).

For dessert, we decided to try everything on the menu, and split it 7 ways.  Hahaha!  We had the Arroz con Leche (rice, cinnamon, milk, caramel ice cream), Leche Frita (milk, cinnamon, chocolate rum ice cream), Torrija (brioche, milk, anise ice cream), and the Hot Chocolate Cake.  According to our server, though, the Torrija and Chocolate Cake are the bestsellers.



My picks?  Hands down, the Chocolate Cake and Leche Frita!  Sadly, the Arroz con Leche was underwhelming, while the anise in the Torrija was too strong :(.

Speaking of strong, the cousins and I enjoyed VASK’s version of sangria a little too much that night.  Hahaha!  While it tasted a lot like juice, it sure packed a punch!  On my second glass, I was already feeling a slight, but very nice buzz :).

And now for the verdict…

Despite the mixed feelings I have over its ambience (and you know how much this matters to me :)), I enjoyed our dining experience at VASK.  I highly recommend all the appetizers we ordered, especially the Huevos, Hongos y Cebollas.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed :).

For the mains, if you are in a group, try the Txuleton and pair it with a couple of orders of the Scallops.  You are sure to enjoy a meal that is not only well-cooked, but also of high quality :).

Lastly, if you’re looking for a traditional spanish cocktail to enjoy your meal with, VASK’s sangria is yummy and buzz-worthy (pun intended).  Hahaha!


First Day High

A's First Day of School 2013

This is the little girl on her first day of school.

After giving it much thought and discussion, the H and I decided to send her to Gymboree for another year.

She was so excited! And that definitely made me feel so relieved :).

I really just want her to enjoy school, and to make friends. To learn new skills, and to socialize with kids her age. Everything else will come later. 🙂

Gosh. She looks like such a big girl here, doesn’t she?


She’s growing up too fast :(.


Wednesday Happy : Spirographs


Remember these? They’re called spirographs :). I used to play with them a lot when I was a kid :).

As I was browsing through one of my favorite stores last week, I saw them on one of the shelves.

I decided to buy one, and “play” with it at home.

These are the different shapes and spirals I’ve made so far.

Cool, right?

Instant happiness at the affordable price of 66 bucks (pesos).  Hahaha!

I’d say it was more than worth the investment :).

Fabulous Find : V-neck Tees

I’m a uniform kind of gal.

As I’ve gotten older, practical but stylish dressing has been key in helping me keep up with the demands of my family, my career, and my lifestyle.

Now that I’ve pretty much figured out the kind of silhouette that works best for my body type, I tend to stick to this type of clothing–hence, the uniform.

Lately, it’s been all about t-shirts and pencil cut skirts.  Not only is it very classic, but I also love that the look can go from casual and relaxed, to dressy and sophisticated with just a change in accessories and footwear!

Last weekend, as I was treating myself to some retail therapy at the Karl Edwards Bazaar in BGC, I happened upon a stall that was selling cotton v-neck shirts in bright, bold colors!  Perfect for the summer!  At only Php150 a tee, I could not resist buying it in 5 different colors!  What a steal, right?


I even found a great pencil cut skirt in a lovely shade of magenta too.  I love that it will go with any of these tees!

So there you have it, my fabulous find for the week–v-necks in the colors of summer!  Not only are they bright, happy and versatile, but I love that they were so affordable too!

Back to Regular Programming

My vacay is over.

I arrived in Manila last night, about an hour ahead of schedule.

While I enjoyed my three-week sojourn in Europe (I’ll be sharing blog posts soon! :)), I can’t tell you how ECSTATIC I am to be home!

Today I woke up (very early!) to a knock on the door from my little one, and the tightest bear hug. *Sigh*.  I missed her sooooo much!

Then it was about her United Nations Day program, and an end-of-semester school party.

The afternoon was spent catching up on precious sleep, and getting much needed rest.

Then it was a flurry of unpacking, organizing, and putting the suitcases away.

The best part of my day, though, was telling silly stories and sharing precious bonding (laughing) time with A.

Oh and we watched the sun set together, too.  We even closed our eyes and counted how many seconds it would take for the sun to disappear (it took 20 :p).

It’s back to the real world, and I’m loving EVERY minute of it :).

Hope you have an amazing weekend, folks!

I’m Off!

I’m off!


Yup, am leaving for Europe with the parentals 🙂 Am I a lucky girl, or what? 🙂

Will definitely try to post pictures of all my foodie, shopping, and sightseeing adventures 🙂 Although ofcourse that highly depends too on the wi-fi situation over there. If it isn’t free, then I guess you’ll be hearing from me in a couple of weeks or so :). Hahaha!

I’m so excited! 🙂 Off I go!

Toodles y’all! 🙂

I am Loving…

…the Proenza Schouler PS1 Tote!!!

Oh Em Gee!!!  Not another bag to obsess over!!!  It’s not like I don’t have a gajillion bags in my lust list already!  Hahaha!

As I was looking for the Celine Canvas Phantom Luggage bag (which was totally out of stock in the US, by the way), I came across the PS1 tote.

I immediately fell in love with the classic design, the soft buttery leather, and the yummy bold color (it comes in several other cool colors, btw).  And the size?  Just right to be taken from morning to night, especially for a working gal like myself.


I wonder when you will be mine?

Paging Hubby!!!  Hahaha!

Hope you have an awesome weekend, folks :)!

Dwell Studio SALE!!!

What a treat!!!  Two things I love–Dwell Studio and SALES!!!  From June 1 to July 31, Rustan’s is holding an end of season sale, including items from Dwell Studio’s home and table collection!  Check it out now–the sheet sets, decorative pillows and table linens go for up to 60% off!  Such a steal!

I guess you know where to find me this weekend :)!  Hahaha!

I’m Alive!!!

So sorry about the zero posts in my blog lately :(.  I just got back from a two-week vacation in the US.  After spending some time in the Bay Area with cousins and friends, Father treated the fam to a 7-day cruise, which is why I did not really have a lot of time to devote to blogging :(.  Our schedule was insanely hectic, so writing about my vacation now is one way for me to relax and unwind :).

I must say though that while I enjoyed the time spent shopping and bonding with relatives, I really missed being able to write and share my thoughts with all of you.  I’d never thought I’d say this but blogging is an exercise that I have come to love (it’s been extremely therapeutic!), so to have been unable to do it for 2 weeks was a bit of torture for me :(. Haha!

But now I’m back with a vengeance, and I hope you’ll stick around to hear about my adventures in the US these last 2 weeks :).   It was a vacation filled with new experiences that I can’t wait to share with you :).