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The Holiday Round-Up

With this post I recall all the great moments of this year’s Christmas, and finally lay the holidays to rest :).

It was a wonderful time spent with my bigger family and with friends, peppered with a lot of quality moments with the H and A.

Hectic as usual, but I love that every day was a day that was celebrated well, with new memories created, and many blessings to be thankful for  :).

Ayala Triangle Light Show


To kick start the holiday season, the H and I always try to catch the light show at the Ayala Triangle gardens.  There’s something about all those lights draped from the trees, flickering to Christmas music, that makes me feel so giddy and excited. It never fails to put me in the holiday mood :).

I guess this is the modern day version of those COD Christmas display shows I used to watch when I was a kid (they actually have a revival of it at the Greenhills Shopping Mall, but I’ve never been).  It was always a family tradition to trek down to Cubao to witness this Christmas production.  My dad would prop me up on his shoulders, so I could have an unobstructed view of the show.  I remember always being entranced by the set and the moving figures, and it always strongly reinforced how much I loved Christmas, and all its traditions and festivities :). Still do :).

Hi-5 House Party in Manila



This holiday season, we were also able to catch two shows :).

The little one loves Hi-5, and it just so happens they had a show at SM Aura–right in our neighborhood!  The H and I knew she would be so ecstatic to watch them live, so we immediately snapped up some tickets, and took A to see her favorite group perform.

And boy did she love it!

Even though I am personally not too into Hi-5, seeing the excitement on A’s face, made it more than worthwhile for me :).

Barkada Christmas Get-Togethers



I’m glad that despite our busy schedules, we were able to plan our barkada Christmas get-togethers early enough for them to push through without a hitch.

The H and I both have groups of friends that we’ve known for like forever.  My best gal pals have been my friends since Grade School (some since Nursery!), and the H has known his since High School.  They are truly our closest friends, and because we don’t get to see each other as often, celebrating these occasions with them and their families is always such a special time for us :).

Christmas Eve




Christmas is the only time of year that my family is complete.  And that’s why I love it :).  The house also always looks so festive, sissy is home from New York, we do our thing and decorate the Christmas dinner table together, and the food we feast on has been a family tradition for many, many years :).  What’s not to love, right?

And for the past couple of years, we’ve started to have color themed parties as well :).  This year’s theme was red, green and gold :).  Our parents were all in red, my cousins, siblings and I were in green, while the kiddos were in white and gold.

In my family, Christmas Eve is also the night when presents are exchanged and opened.  Because of Yolanda, gifts were a lot simpler this year, and some of our relatives decided not to give gifts at all, but that did not dim our celebration one bit :).  In fact, I think it was even more fun, and definitely more meaningful :).

Christmas Day

Christmas Day this year was spent at Cousin A’s house.  It’s pretty much a repeat of the night before, minus my siblings, who celebrate the holidays with their in-laws.

For the past couple of years, my generation (my cousins, siblings and I)  has already been hosting the family holiday celebrations.  Our parents have been “passing on the baton”, so to speak, and getting us ready for what will eventually be our role in the future :).  I love it when traditions are passed on successfully, and hope my cousins, siblings and I will be able to keep it up, and keep our families close in the years to come :).



In the evening, we trooped over to my in-laws for Christmas dinner.  Since last year, they decided to celebrate on the 25th itself, just so that we wouldn’t have to rush Noche Buena with the Pascual side (my family’s side) on the 24th.  Best. Decision. Ever!!!  Plus, we could totally enjoy the feast that my MIL ends up preparing.  Before, when we would celebrate both Noche Buena’s on the 24th, I would be too full to eat by the time we reached my in-laws’ place.  The kids would also be a bit tired, as it would be waaaaaay past their bedtime.

This time around, dinner was enjoyed quite leisurely, with no one rushing to leave; and gift opening was ofcourse the highlight of the evening, with all the kids excitedly opening presents, and creating a huge mess in the process!  Hahaha!  Oh to be a kid again! 🙂




Santa’s Visit


This year was the first year we introduced Santa to the little one.  During past Christmases we felt she was still too young to understand who he was, so we did not even bother with it.

But this year–thanks to Rockwell mall–she got so into the idea of Santa!  I guess it helped to see an actual live, breathing version of him (haha!).  Unfortunately however, as Christmas Eve drew nearer, and our schedules just got waaaaaay too hectic, we were unable to compose our letter to Santa.  Instead, I asked A to wish very hard, for what she wanted Santa to get her, and that if she was a good girl, Santa would give her a gift on Christmas.

On December 26, A opened her very first gifts from Santa Claus.  He left them inside her stocking :).  As you can see from the look on her face, she was very pleased with her presents :).

Next year, I promised her, we’ll try to work on her letter, and we’ll even leave milk and cookies for Santa.  We’ll go for the whole shebang :).

Cousin’s Night Out

When we were younger, the days in between Christmas would be spent partying at bars and clubs.  Obviously, those days are far behind us now.  Hahaha!  Staying in and having wine and cheese nights are more our thing :).

Thanks to big sissy for being our host this time around.  We had a great time bonding with the sibs and our cousins, in the comfort of her beautiful home :).


NYC Roomies Reunion at The Pen

As December is a time of reunions, we couldn’t let it go by without seeing our good friends from New York.  We met at the Peninsula Hotel, which is always so wonderfully decorated during Christmastime :).  The H and I hope to make this another tradition with A, to have bibingka and puto bumbong at the Pen every year.

While unfortunately there wasn’t any more by the time we got there, we still enjoyed the company and the ambience very much :).



I especially loved this life-size gingerbread house!  It smelled so heavenly! 🙂


Disney On Ice


For our second show of the holiday season, we took the little girl to Disney on Ice. She is currently fascinated by the Disney Princesses, and by the Prince’s too! Personally, I also enjoyed the show very much :).  I remembered when I was a little girl and my parent’s used to take me and my siblings to Holiday on Ice.  I remembered being in awe of the costumes, and the gracefulness of the skaters. This show is much, much more commercialized, but I still loved being able to sing the songs, appreciate the set and dance numbers, and to give A this experience. After all, who doesn’t love Disney? 🙂  Their productions are as magical as ever :).




To escape a little bit of the traffic and holiday madness, we took a quick out of town trip to Anvaya :).

The weather was sooooo glorious, and it was definitely a welcome break to relax by the beach and enjoy the company of family :).



New Year’s Eve

This year’s party theme was fascinators and bowties.  I thought it was a fun and festive theme, don’t you think? 🙂  And everyone certainly got into it, which made it even more fun!



My brother has a huge balcony that overlooks the Marikina Valley.  We were so lucky to get a 360-degree view of different fireworks displays!  We did not even have to have our own fireworks!  Hahaha!  I must say that the fireworks this year was very impressive, and there were a lot!  I hope that means that 2014 will be good to all of us, and we’ll see that kind of abundance in terms of blessings as well :).


New Year’s Day


New year, new family picture :).

As you can see, our family is growing!  We had a new addition last year in the form of my nephew, K.  Isn’t he a cutie? 🙂

And because our family is much bigger than it was before, we thought it was high time to start documenting it by way of a studio family photo :).  The last time we had one done, my siblings and I were all single! 🙂

Here are my parent’s with all of their grandchildren :).  There’s a complete family picture, but will share it with you in a future post.

The photo shoot was such a riot!  But I’m glad we had it done anyway :).

Afterwards, we attended mass to commemorate the first day of the year, and had dinner out as despedida for my sister, who left for NY the next day :(.

As you can see, our holidays were choc-full of activities!  Writing this blog post and looking back at all that happened these past few weeks allowed me to remember all the wonderful memories we created and shared as a family.

Here’s to more memories, adventures and exciting experiences in 2014!  God bless us all :).




These past 3 weeks, both my Instagram and FaceBook feeds have been flooded with stories chronicling the various relief efforts that people have initiated to raise funds or to provide goods and support to the Yolanda victims.

I continue to be pleasantly amazed that there hasn’t been a shortage of generosity for our Visayan kababayans since Day 1. People just keep on giving and giving! 🙂 Even the international community has been extremely charitable and supportive of our country. The image of a US aircraft carrier navigating our seas, bringing with it soldiers, supplies, helicopters and planes, will forever be etched in my mind.

If you, like me, are looking for more ways to personally contribute to this world-wide effort, please consider supporting Shop.Share.Care. It is a fund-raising online sale by the top Filipino accessories designers to benefit Typhoon Yolanda survivors.

The brainchild of Ken Samudio (one of my favorite designers), other featured designers in the sale include Vida Lim, Ann Ong, Lally Dizon, Joyce Makitalo, Amina Aranaz, Miadore, Dennis Lustico, Anne Marie Saguil, Eric Manansala, Adante Leyesa, and many more! What powerhouses, right? And this is the perfect opportunity to own one of their pieces because the proceeds will go to a wonderful cause!

Sale begins on Wednesday, November 27, at 6pm. For more details, visit their website,

The Best One Yet!

Ever since my first ManilaFAME experience, I’ve been hooked!  Imagine an event showcasing two floors of the best locally made furniture, home accessories, bags, jewelry and fashion–gosh, this is what heaven looks like for a girl like me! Hahaha!  So I’ve made it a point to troop down to SMX for every show since, for a little dose of happy and inspiration :).

And even after 3 expos, the giddiness I feel every time I visit has not died down one single bit.  In fact, after the recent show held last Oct 17-20–their best one yet–I’m still on a high and totally inspired by everything I saw!

As expected, the furniture and home furnishings were truly extraordinary!  No wonder our local artisans are considered to be design trendsetters, and have truly sparked global interest in and demand for our products :).





While I think there were less participants this time around compared to last March, the booths and the products were definitely nothing short of spectacular! Here were some of my personal favorites… 🙂


Ito Kish

Don’t you just love the wall treatment?  And those Busilak Jars are LOVE :).


Kenneth Cobonpue

I have nothing else to say but his booth was impressive as always :).  This shot was my paparazzi moment.  Hahaha!  Was hoping to meet him but this interview took a while :(.


Balay ni Atong

Those lamps made from pieces of inabel cloth and wire were TDF!!! I also fell in love with a woven blanket, but it was a bit out of my budget :(.



Those colorful stools/side tables made me drool!!!  I want one badly!!!


Schema by Kalikasan Crafts

The pendant lamps are a project for our dining room next year!  Excited!


Vito Selma

*Sigh* His Geo coffee table has been on my wish list for like forever!!!



I always love their booth display, and this time was no exception 🙂



Aren’t those light installations gorge? 🙂



They won the Katha Award for Best Booth Design :).


Triboa Bay

Another favorite of mine.  Their pieces are so well designed, yet very functional!  Their trestle table is another one on my wish list!

This time around, there was also a special showcase called The Red Box, featuring the work of the rising stars of local design.  These designers are part of a developmental program “aimed at harnessing Filipino creativity with the use of sustainable raw materials to produce design-forward products for the world.”


Loved these tables and the lighting by Leah Sanchez.  Incidentally, aside from being an architect by profession, Leah is also one half of the duo behind Resurrection and Found Objects Gallery :).


It was so nice to see the work of my favorite ladies from Bungalow 3oo on display during the show!  Bravo!

Even the Manila Wear section, now on its second year, had such a strong showing from its participant artists.  I noticed a lot of fashion designers combining regional craftsmanship with their own unique aesthetic and style, setting the stage for next year’s trends and must-haves :).

It truly makes me happy to see the Philippine aesthetic finally having its time in the spotlight :).  I’ve always been a fan of native arts and crafts, and it is quite wonderful that many designers have started incorporating not just local materials into their products, but traditional elements into their designs as well. Coupled with a modern twist or interpretation, the results are exquisite artisanal items that are really something to be proud of! 🙂

Here is a small sampling of my favorite brands at Manila Wear…




These bags are not just so “now”, but I love the use of the traditional fabric!  It was so nice to meet the designer and owner of the brand, who truly impressed me with her style and go-getter attitude :).




Such beautifully crafted accessories from last year and this year’s Katha Award winner, Ann Ong.  I’m not sure if I could wear the grasshopper on wood neckpiece, but I was definitely wowed by the intricacy of the design :).


It was so wonderful to bump into Dennis Lustico!  I am a longtime fan of his dress designs, and it is so nice to see how he has branched out into accessories–specifically, bags!  Aren’t they bee-yoo-ti-full? 🙂  I super loved that yellow “bayong” he is standing next to with the acrylic handles, as well as the blue beaded clutch at the bottom of the picture.  Ang ganda!!!!


I also finally got to meet accessory designer, Ken Samudio, and had a fan-girl moment!  Hahaha!  To say I love his stuff is an understatement.  More about it in my next blog post! 🙂



Another uber wonderful and cool accessory designer is Adante Leyesa.  Not only does he have talent by the bucket-loads, but he’s super humble too!  I just love his statement neckpieces and clutch bags!  They are definitely showstoppers!!!



I think my most favorite accessory designer of all time has to be Joyce Makitalo, though.  Actually, between my mom and I, we have 5 of her gorgeous necklaces!!!  I can’t wait to see her new collection which is coming out very soon!  I am so sure it will be amazing!


These barong dresses by Amarie first caught my eye at the MaARTe bazaar.  I would love to own one of these someday too :).


Filip + Inna’s booth, and the various pieces they had on display totally took my breath away!  Not only did I love the colors, but the embroidery designs were so exquisite!  Hard to believe these are traditional designs from the tribes in Lake Sebu–they look so modern and contemporary!  Again, more on this in another blog post :).

To be honest, I could go on and on about the amazing things I saw during ManilaFAME, but it would be even better if you guys had a chance to see the expo for yourself (watch out for it in March 2014!!!)!  These pictures are but a fraction of all there is to see!  As it was, I actually didn’t have much time to go through the entire show :(, so I had to breeze past other sections such as the OTOP (One Town, One Project), which features products from various regions all over the Philippines.

Don’t you agree, though, that Filipinos are soooo talented and creative? 🙂 Coming to a show like this will truly make you feel proud of our culture and heritage!  I’m sure it won’t be long before the world starts appreciating it as well :).


I was a little bit late logging on this time around, but luckily I was able to snag this beauty when the Philip Lim for Target line went live…


Yay for me!

My cousin who works for Target told me that most of the bags sold out after just a couple of hours!  A ruckus even erupted between 2 lady customers who were fighting over one of the purses!  Egad!

So I may not have gotten everything I wanted, but I still ended up with a wonderful buy–and all from the comforts of my home.  Online shopping is totally the bomb! 🙂

Fab Finds MaARTe Edition

Oh my, it’s already September!!!

And if you’re Filipino, you certainly know what that means–Christmas is right around the corner!  Can you believe I actually heard my first Christmas carol exactly on September 1st???  I kid you not!!!

And precisely because we Filipinos start preparing for Christmas this early, there have been a number of bazaars popping up lately, the most recent being the MaARTe Artisanal Fair at the Rockwell Tent.  The shopping frenzy has begun!!! 🙂


I personally love going to the MaARTe bazaar because of the many wonderful, locally handcrafted items one can find there.  I was actually quite pleased that from a handful of booths last year, they had about 50 different participants, each selling distinct artisanal products.  Translation: this year’s offerings definitely did not disappoint!

Here were some of my favorite items:

1. Pottery from Joey de Castro


Joey de Castro, Pottery Artist, 0917 8315904,

2. Crocheted Fruits and Veggies and other items from La Pomme




La Pomme for Kids, look for Apol or Fiona, 0917 7151821/0919 9934795,

3. Bambow Ties (also the makers of Bamboo Bikes)


A on a Bamboo Bike

4. Home stuff from Domesticity




5. Embroidered Barong Dresses from Amarie


Shophouse – 2nd Floor – Tommy’s Coffee 8483 Kalayaan Street, Corner Matilde, Barangay Poblacion, Makati City, 8901526

6. Stools from Hacienda Crafts Company


7. Blankets and Throws from Beyond Borders


8. Necklaces from Piesa by Phoebe


There were actually many other vendors with fabulous items on sale, but unfortunately I was not able to get their names nor their pictures :(.  By the time I dropped by the bazaar, it was already almost closing time so I was in a bit of a rush :(.

But anyway, I hope this blogpost gives you some new ideas for gifts this holiday season.  Happy shopping!!! 🙂

Moynat On My Mind

It’s the eve before a national holiday. This means that I, like the rest of the entire Philippine population, am about to enjoy a 3-day weekend.  I should be ecstatic and looking forward to the extra day off of work.

But I’m not.

Why, you ask?

I’ve been “out of commission” the entire week and have been under house arrest due to a really nasty cough.  And I’m not even better yet :(.  Huhuhuhu :(.  Call it karma–I’d been bragging about how I didn’t remember the last time I got sick then BOOM!  Here it is.  And I seem to have caught a really bad version too.


So what’s a girl to do when she’s stuck at home the whole day and feeling the blues?

Go online shopping ofcourse!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  Note to Hubby : It was only Online “WINDOW” shopping 🙂 🙂 🙂

And because of all this retail surfing, I now find myself in love with yet another piece of french handcrafted leather goodness–Moynat.


Meet the Quattro.  It is a light leather tote bag that comes either in reversible leather or cotton lining.

It had me at reversible.  Hahahaha!


Not only am I loving the bright color palette, but I also love the versatility (the four straps allow you to carry it as a handbag or a shoulder bag) and the clean, simple lines.

You can also have the Quattro personalized.  Another plus.



I love that the way the letters are painted on are so quirky!  And to think, Moynat is one of those old, heritage brands.  They’ve been malletiers since 1849.  These “flying letters” totally give the brand a younger, fresher and modern appeal :).

This is the Cabas in Moynat’s signature initial canvas.


Ain’t she lovely too?  A bit similar to another favorite french brand of mine, Goyard, but the colors and the personalization keep it distinct and more “now”.


Gosh, looking at these pictures make me want to own a Moynat even more!  Hahaha!

Okay, so maybe online shopping wasn’t such a good idea after all ;p

Hope you enjoy the holiday, everyone! 🙂

All photos are from Moynat’s official tumblr account.

White Nights

The other night, the little one and I happened to don matching white nightgowns.


I particularly love this brand called Antukin.  For my non-Filipino speaking readers, that means “sleepyhead”.

I love the girly, lacey details, and the fact that after a couple of washes, the material is soooo soft and comfortable.

Plus it just looks so clean and fresh!  Hahaha 🙂

And while I’m not usually a fan of matching clothes with my little girl, the fact that  they have mini versions of the adult-sized nightgowns is just too cute to pass up 🙂

For those interested, Antukin has a stall at the monthly Karl Edwards Bazaar in BGC.

Low EQ

I’ve always been proud of the fact that when I want something, I’m always usually able to delay my gratitude–especially when that something is not really a necessity.  I’ve always been a prudent spender and a patient person.

But not lately.

As I’d mentioned in a previous post, this weather has been driving me crazy!

And I’ve manifested this craziness in unusually outlandish retail therapy.


My latest purchase?

These yellow lace-less Bennies!!!


Aren’t they soooooo neat? 🙂

How could I not, right? 🙂  And to be honest, I did wait 3 days before I bought them.  Hahaha!

They’re just the dose of sunshine I need, especially on those gloomy days that have been occuring quite often lately :).

Bensimons are now finally available in the Philippines!  I got my pair at Center of Gravity, Eton Cyberpod Centris, EDSA corner Quezon Ave.  They’re also available at Shoe Salon in Rockwell 🙂

Fab Finds Mommy Edition

What was supposed to be a pretty straightforward retail therapy session for me, turned out to be more than I expected :).  And I mean that in a positive way :).

Last Saturday, I received news that my friend Nikki Yuson-de Guzman, one of the stylish women behind the cult brand Label, would be selling her versatile, easy-to-wear frocks at a kiddie bazaar in Dasmarinas Village.  First thing in the morning, I immediately made a beeline for the Dasma Pavillion, to get first dibs on her popular dresses.

As soon as I arrived, the plan was for me to go straight to Nikki’s booth, locate the dresses I wanted to buy (notice, this is plural!  Hahaha!  Syempre I was already assuming that I’d buy more than one!  Hahahaha!), fit them, pay for them, and leave.

But looking around at the other booths and their wares, I knew that this shopping trip was not going to go as originally planned.  Hahaha!

First of all, there were a lot of sellers that I’d never seen in other bazaars before that offered either unique, or not so unique but very nicely made items for kids. As a mom, I can never resist buying stuff for A, especially when they are practical, cute, or educational.  All of my fab finds in this bazaar definitely fit this criteria. 🙂

Here are my top picks:

1. Think Tents

A in a Think Tent

This product is the brainchild of a former co-teacher and friend, Oona Mapua-Carlos :).  It was such a pleasant surprise to bump into her in the bazaar, and to learn of her latest venture :).  Think Tents is basically a teepee–a space where little ones are encouraged to dream, to plan, to imagine, to play, to read, to create, and maybe even to have some alone and quiet time.  Such a simple concept, yet executed in such a cool way, right?  The little miss actually took to it immediately, entering the tent and playing with the stuffed toys inside.  I could already see how much she would enjoy having one of her own!  Unfortunately, most of Oona’s tents sold out during the bazaar, so I had to place in an order for mine which will hopefully arrive in a couple of weeks :).

These would make perfect Christmas or birthday gifts for your inaanaks (godchildren), nephews, nieces, or even for the apos (grandkids).

To order, get in touch with Oona at  Think Tents is also on FaceBook!

2. Sand Puff


Priced at Php1200, this entire set was a steal!  It came with the sand, some molds, and the tray you see in the picture.

During the entire time I was going around the bazaar, it kept A busy and entertained :).  What is particularly cool about this is that its feel and texture is so light and fluffy.  No worries for the little girl, who does not really like the feel of real sand.  It’s also non-toxic, and does not accumulate any bacteria.

To order, call Axel or Lea at +632 5346781 or +632 5348293

3. Peachtree Lane




Lastly, this charming booth called Peachtree Lane immediately attracted my attention because of its cute set up, and the items it had on display.

The business was started by mompreneur, Natalya, who felt the need to create cute outfits for her children, that she could not find in retail stores.  And definitely her clothes–especially the dresses for girls–are adorable!  I love her choice of fabrics, and the easy, classic style as well!

She also had really cute bibs, burping cloths, and diaper bags for sale :).

Like Peachtree Lane on FaceBook or get in touch with them via cell at +63917 5294215 or via email at

DVF x GapKids 2.0 Is Launching Soon!

When I found out I was pregnant, I hoped and prayed really hard for a baby girl.

Call me shallow, but to be honest, I wanted a girl because I love dressing up and accessorizing, and I wanted to be able to share this love for fashion with my offspring.  Ofcourse this wasn’t the only reason, but it was one of my main reasons. Hahaha!

Let’s face it–little girls have the best clothes nowadays!  And there’s just so much variety!  From tutus to shift dresses to shorts and skinny jeans–there’s a lot of combinations that can be mixed and matched to make dressing up everyday sort of like a fashion show!  And I love that!  Hahaha!

A couple of days ago, I heard the news that DVF will be launching another summer collection with GapKids.  OMG!!!!  You know what that means…even MORE cute outfits for the little one!

If you remember, I wrote about the first collection here.  And here is the little one, “mowdeling” her DVF wrap dress (in case you’re wondering, no, I did not ask her to pose that way.  Hahaha! This was a completely candid shot :)).


This second collaboration looks like it’s going to be even better!  Entitled The Explorers, the collection is bold, graphic and fun!  Very signature DVF!  And the images from the lookbook are just too adorable!  Here are a couple that have been released…


The DVF x GapKids will be available in stores (in the US) and online on April 25th.  I can’t wait!!!

Photos from here and here.