Happy 2014!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!


Hope you all had a wonderful celebration with family and friends, ringing in 2014! 🙂

While I realize there’s been quite a shortage of blogposts on my end, especially during the month of December, I’m hoping that the coming year will be a more productive one, and that you all will continue to drop by my humble space :).  I promise to fill it up not just with family and work adventures, but with my creative pursuits, my weight loss journey, my amazing shopping finds, as well as my new traveling and foodie experiences.

I am really quite excited for the new year to begin, and look forward to 2014 with such hope and anticipation!  I can already feel that it will be a much better year than last, and am ready to take it on!

Here’s hoping (and praying!) that 2014 will be nothing short of amazing for all of us!  As an ending, I’d like to share something I found over at InstaGram.  I thought it was particularly inspiring, and wanted you to be inspired by it too :).



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