Calligraphy and Lettering Crafternoon

Now that the Christmas frenzy has subsided, I’m really looking forward to resuming a more normal, relaxed routine again :).  As I’m sure it is for everyone, the holidays are an extremely hectic time of year where everything else seems to be on hold, to make way for the shopping and the gift-wrapping, the gajillion parties and reunions, and the requisite out of town trips, especially when there are balik bayans :).

Now that I’m back at home (we were temporarily stationed at my parents’ place over the holidays so we could spend more time with my sister who flew in from NYC) and have a bit of time to myself (hubby is asleep and the little one is exploring her new Duplo set :)), I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on my blogging, especially since I’ve been so remiss lately.

There are so many things to write about, to share, and document :)!  And despite the fact that some of them are already passe, or have happened weeks ago, I still would like to share with you some of my wonderful experiences last November and December.  Sorry, 2013.  I’m not quite done with you yet.  Hahaha!

Let me start off with my experience at Alessa’s Calligraphy and Lettering Crafternoon :).  Alessa is Alessa Lanot, the creative force behind the blog, Life After Breakfast.  If you haven’t read her blog ever, please do!  I’m sure she will inspire you, just as she has me :).  In fact, I live vicariously through her creative projects and pursuits!  Hahaha!  I’ve been so inspired by her work, I’ve actually already joined several of her crafternoons, and have taken on to doing several crafty projects during the year :).


Held last November, right after Typhoon Yolanda struck, the Calligraphy and Lettering Crafternoon was a relaxing, fun, and meaningful experience for me.  I was excited to learn from Alessa, and to see her take on this skill.  As you will recall, I also attended the Ink Scribbler class of Alexis, which was also fun and exciting :).  Comparing the two, Alessa shared a bit more information on the history of calligraphy; she spent a bit more time sharing some interesting trivia; as well as the different types of fonts, inks, materials, and nib parts; and her warm-up exercises were definitely more challenging (read: major hand cramps! Hahaha!).


Image from

At Alessa’s class we were also given a very nice hand-stamped katcha goody bag that contained a set of Sharpie’s, washi tape, some paper, 2 calligraphy nib holders, ink, a nib, and a brush pen :).  Goody bags are always nice to receive, especially when the contents are so useful! 🙂  I felt like a kid in a candy store when I saw all my loot! 🙂

After the lecture portion of the class, we proceeded to do some writing exercises, then went into the calligraphy session itself.  To make the session more meaningful, we were asked to write out either a Christmas letter or a saying that would be made into a card.  The recipients of these letters/cards would be the typhoon victims.  Here is a photo of our collective efforts :


Image from

And, because we had a short session on typography, one of the exercises was to also create a postcard, experimenting with different types of lettering :


Image from

None of those are my work, by the way.  Heehee 🙂  But aren’t they beautiful?

Again, as with my previous calligraphy workshop, this was indeed an afternoon that was well spent.  It was nice to meet fellow writing enthusiasts, and to lose myself in such a creative endeavor.  I also like how our output became something that we could share, in the hopes of giving others some inspiration, especially during trying times.  Like I said, it was both a fun and meaningful afternoon :).

If any of you are interested in attending this calligraphy session, please hop on over to Alessa’s blog.  I don’t think she’s posted her schedules for 2014 yet, but I’m sure she will soon :).


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