I. Can’t. Wait!


4 days and counting–I am so excited!

If you’ve read my previous posts on Manila FAME, you’ll know that this bi-annual event is something I always anticipate :).

Not only are the talents of Filipino craftsmen and artisans so proudly on display, but it’s a wonderful venue to be inspired and awed by all things locally made :).

And the best part?  I actually always end up with some pretty good stuff on the last day of the show, when purveyors put their wares up for sale :)!

Here are some photos of the last Manila FAME held in March.  I only posted a few of the ones I took, just for you guys to have an idea of what to expect this weekend…


Kenneth Cobonpue’s furniture is always a crowd pleaser!


*Sigh*  I’ve been lusting after this Vito Selma coffee table for ages!!!  One day, you will be mine!!!


Awesome pieces by Daniel Latorre Cruz!  Makes me want to have a garden just so that I can put them on display.  Hahaha!


These throw pillows by Inigo Elizalde are LOVE.


I wanted everything in Ito Kish’s booth!  What a creative genius he is!


Van Gogh is Bipolar’s booth was crazy beautiful!


My favorite jewelry maker, Joyce Makitalo, never disappoints!  Aren’t her pieces breathtakingly amazing?!?  Can I have one of everything, please?  Hahaha!


And last but not the least, my friend Lally Dizon’s luxe croc and python skin bag collection, with its yummy colors, were also on display during the show!  So proud!

These pictures are just a fraction of what one can expect to see during ManilaFAME.  Now you know why I’m so excited!  Hahaha!

If you guys aren’t doing anything this weekend, make your way to SMX Convention Center at MOA.  The show is open to the public on the last day, Sunday, October 20th.

See you there!




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