Starting Traditions

As I’m writing this post, I smile to myself thinking that my family spent this year’s August holiday pretty much the same way we did last year–a trip to Hong Kong, and a trip to Fun Farm with our close friends.

True to form, it even rained in Fun Farm just like it did a year ago!


Is this the start of some new traditions for Familia C?

Anyway, sharing with you some pictures from our fun but slightly wet day.


A and the Carabao

This time around, I got to ride on ChocNut the Carabao, and we went on a tour of the farm.


As usual, A got to feed the rabbits and the guinea pigs…

A and the Guinea Pig

…with a little help from her friends :).


She went fishing too (no luck, as usual :)).

A Goes Fishing

Horseback riding with Dada is always a treat :).

A Rides a Horse

And when it rains, the covered sandbox is always a welcome refuge :).

A and the Slide

If you haven’t made your way to the Fun Farm, you should definitely go!  It is a wonderful place for families to spend a lazy weekend :).

And who knows, you may even start your own tradition! 🙂


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