I think my world has significantly shrunk since I moved south.  When I lived in Quezon City, I was so much more adventurous, and would find myself in various parts of the Metro–all the way North in SM to as far as Alabang in the South. Nowadays I find myself shuttling pretty much between Rockwell and BGC, with trips to my office in QC in between.  Makati is a rarity, all the more the Pasig and the San Juan area.

Because I’ve not been out and about in a while, I’ve been late in discovering the wonders of KidzVille, a fun play and party center at the Podium Mall.  I’ve been so “huli sa balita” (literally, late with the news), that even my older sister, who I swear is almost never in the know, knew about it already!  In fact, she said she’s taken her son there several times!  Gosh, where have I been?!???

So since I’m always looking for new places and new experiences for A (and unfortunately, there aren’t quite enough in Manila :(), one weekend, I convinced the H to take A for her first visit to KidzVille.  Luckily, brother and SIL were free that afternoon and decided to take their kids–A’s cousins–to KidzVille as well. And boy did they have fun!

A and G and M

KidzVille is basically what its name says it to be–it’s a kids village.  Everything inside is a miniature replica of what you would find in an actual village.

There is a hospital…

A and G and M1

A garage slash car repair shop…


…A school bus kids can “drive”…


…to go to school…


…A barn…


A and G3

A and G2

…a sweet little cafe…


…a Village Shop…


…a movie theater…


…and even a fire station!

A and G

Matty the Fireman

It’s basically a place where kids get to role play and pretend as if they lived in an actual village.  They get to drive around in pretend cars, wear costumes, interact with the toys–such a wonderful place!  And I can see why the kids would truly love it here!  As a mom, even I was impressed!  They didn’t have these things when I was a kid 😦  Hahaha!

Unfortunately for us, because it was a weekend, the place was filled to the rafters!  There were too many kids running around, many of the toys were strewn all over the place, and it was a bit too chaotic for me :(.  Hopefully we will get the chance to visit again on a “quieter” day, and maybe A can enjoy the place at a more leisurely pace :).

Mommy preferences and comments aside, I think KidzVille is definitely a wonderful place for kids to learn, to play and to interact.  In fact, you can even hold birthday parties there, and I’m sure the kids would enjoy!  I would love to bring A there again!  In fact, she’s already asking when we are going back! Hahaha!

And on that note, I heard that a similar but much bigger place called Kidzania (bigger as in theme park levelz!!!!) is set to open in BGC in 2014!  Think of it as KidsVille on steroids!  Hahaha!  I am quite exzoited for it, and I’m sure other parents are too!

In the meantime, as we wait, KidzVille at Podium it is!

KIDZVILLE is located at the 4th Floor of The Podium Mall, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig, Metro Manila.  Their number is +63917 844 5439.


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