So while the bulilits were having fun at KidzVille, the grown ups decided to crash at Wildflour and have some cronuts!



Finally, I got to taste what all the hype is about!

To be honest, I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would :).  I’m not really a fan of croissants, so I was never really interested to try out or line up for this particular hybrid. But since the SIL ordered a couple, I eagerly dug in, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was yummier than I expected :).

Knowing that it is supposed to be a cross between a croissant and a doughnut, I was a bit thrown off that the cronut was chewy, rather than light and flaky.  But that’s a good thing :). Although I prefer my pastries to be more dense, soft and moist, I was actually relieved with the cronut’s consistency because I actually dislike the flakiness of croissants.  It doesn’t give me much to sink my teeth into. Hahaha!  It can also get a bit messy, which is usually a turn off for me.  So I’m glad that despite its flaky layers, the cronut was dense enough to give me the feeling that I was actually biting into something more than air :).  Plus points! 🙂

Another thing I liked about the cronut was that is was also not that sweet, considering the amount of sugar and glaze it came with! Hahaha!  The cream inside helped to balance the sweetness, and provided a different texture as well. Again, while I’m not a fan of bavarian cream doughnuts, the cream in the cronuts, I thought, was well incorporated, and enhanced its taste, and the overall experience :).

But even after all the pluses I mentioned above, and after trying out different flavors (chocolate, dulce de leche, berry, and I forgot the other one), I still think I prefer a good old fashioned donut to a cronut any day.  I’m loving the innovation, though, and I wonder what the next one will be :).  A declair (donut + eclair)? A crupcake (croissant + cupcake)?  The possibilities are endless!  Hahaha!

Actually, while I enjoyed having the cronut for merienda, I think I enjoyed the ambience and decor of Wildflour Podium even more!  Hahaha!  Despite the tight space, I loved the design elements and its overall look :).  Special mention goes to the machucca tiles by the register area.  Soooo pretty, that I just had to take a requisite foot photo :).







Have a happy hump day, everyone! 🙂

WILDFLOUR CAFE + BAKERY is located at the Ground Floor of The Podium Mall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila.  Telephone Number :  +632 571 8588


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