Saturday Seafood Sandwich Special

Spent Saturday morning at another Manila Pop-Up :).

Seafood Sandwiches were on the menu for the day, the concept intended to be similar to that of a lobster shack experience.

This time, I got my cousin Barbie to join me cuz the hubby doesn’t really eat sandwiches.  In fact, his little quirk is that he doesn’t eat bread, especially the sandwich variety.  Pizzas and doughnuts are okay, but pandesal, loaf bread, burger buns and the like, are no-no’s.  Weird, right?  Hahaha!

But he came along for the ride, anyway, and we brought the little miss with us too 🙂



We got to the location, Burger Project along Jupiter Street, quite early. Because we were early, we decided to have some appetizers at sister restaurant next door, Pino.

Big mistake.

Ten minutes to opening time, we strolled to Burger Project and found a big crowd of people, already waiting in line!  ACK!!!

When our number was handed out to us, we were 94 and 95!!! Argh, can you imagine the frustration?

But to make a long story short–I won’t bore you with details of our wait–some angels came to our rescue and offered us their numbers–38, 39 and 40.  Huge jump, right?  We were inside Burger Project pretty much by 1230, just in time for lunch 🙂  Thank you so much, J and friends!



On to the food :).  We ordered 3 sandwiches.  In hindsight, we should have ordered all 5 offerings, but at that time we felt it was a bit much for two small tummies.  Hahaha!  But now I am haunted by this decision cuz the lobster grilled cheese and soft shell crab burger sound mighty yummy.  Sigh 😦

Anyway, upon Erwan Heussaff’s recommendation, we got the Tempura Oyster Po Boy–a mixture of oysters, uni cream, kimchi, cabbage and cayenne, artfully arranged on a hot dog bun.  We also decided on the Popcorn Shrimp and Bagnet–aligue coconut cream, spring onions, chili, parsley and lettuce on ciabatta bread, and the Lobster Roll–lobster, shrimps, japanese mayo, celery leaves, tomatoes and scallions, all jumbled up in a brioche roll.




In a word, the sandwiches were epic!  We loooooooved all of them!  Personally, I especially loved the Tempura Oyster Po Boy.  The oysters were so fat and fresh :).  But cousin B and I agreed everything was a winner!  The mixture of flavors were just right, and they sure didn’t skimp on the seafood :).   Yummy, happy tummies! Yay!

I love how the Manila Pop Up group keeps on coming up with new, wonderful dining concepts like these 🙂  I only wish it could have been a real shack experience with outdoor picnic tables, a food truck, and maybe even some seafood chowder to go with the sandwiches :).  Nevertheless, B and I had a great time, minus the wait 🙂

Definitely looking forward to the next pop up! 🙂


Okay, B, here’s your picture with E, as promised 🙂 

I am “following the bulb”.  Are you?  To know more about Manila Pop Up, follow them on FaceBook (, Twitter ( and Instagram (mnlpopup)


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