2 Years After…

I’m quite ashamed to admit it but, yes, it’s been 2 years after I’ve received this really cool letterpress kit, that I finally found the time to bust it out of the box and give it a try.


I’ve been on a creativity kick this year, and I guess it was really just a matter of time…Hahaha!  But that it took 2 years–shame, shame, right?

But anyway, here is how my first pass turned out.  Not too shabby, right?


This is so exciting!!!  Can you imagine the possibilities and the stuff I can actually make? DIY paper products to death!!!!  Wahahaha!  I was so thrilled about my new toy, I actually stayed up late last night, buying more letterpress plates and inks!  Hahaha!

Cheers to new hobbies, even though they’re two years delayed!  Hahaha!  As they say, better late than never :).  And in this case, I’m glad I finally did.  This hobby has FUN written all over it!!!


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