I am Loving…

…the Candy Shop!

A batch mate of mine at the Ateneo, P, is the creative force behind The Candy Shop, an online source for the loveliest paper products.

She prints and sells anything from gift tags, post cards, sticker labels, contact cards, monogrammed cards, wall art tiles, wall letters, and more!

A couple of months ago, I treated myself to a selection of her amazing post cards, gift tags and stickers.


Aren’t they lovely?

Just looking at the designs brings a smile to my face!

Definitely, the experience of gift-wrapping will never be the same.  We’re talking level up levelzzzz here!  Hahaha!


Here is a package I wrapped recently using my Candy Shop gift tag and stickers.

The recipient told me she loved the wrapping so much, she almost didn’t want to open the present!  Awww…

So if you love paper products as much as I do, visit http://www.thecandyshopprints.com.

I swear, like me, you will want to hoard everything you see!


Happy Shopping!

Candy Mix photo from 101gramsofeyecandy.blogspot.com.  That’s P’s blog.  Follow her now!


One response to “I am Loving…

  1. Love the gift-wrapping that you did! 😀

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