{Party Planning} It’s The Great 3rd Birthday!

My nephew just turned 3.  He’s currently obsessed with Charlie Brown so it was a no-brainer that Peanuts would be his birthday party theme this year :).

I was particularly challenged on how to do the styling for this event because Peanuts is not exactly your most popular theme nowadays.  For some reason, despite the popularity of vintage cartoon characters, this generation does not seem all too keen on Charlie Brown and his friends.  Hence, the lack of existing, available decor that we could use to decorate the venue.  Everything either had to be bought abroad, or fabricated locally.

The good thing is, my sister felt strongly about the party having a very home-made, DIY, relaxed feel to it, with the vibe similar to the parties thrown during our younger days.  That definitely took a lot of the (self-imposed) pressure off. Hahaha!  So I did my best to keep the decor simple and inexpensive, but to level up on the way everything was presented :).  In other words, simple and homey, but with a little bit of oomph!  Hahaha!

Here is how the event turned out…


For the table decoration, I wanted to incorporate the zigzag design of Charlie Brown’s shirt.  So I had some yellow tablecloths made, and used black cartolina for the actual stripe.

It really helps if you know someone who can sew tablecloths for you.  In my case, I’ve been working with a trusty sewer for 2 years now.  Not only is she fast, but she doesn’t charge an arm and a leg either! 🙂  I just give her instructions on the type of fabric as well as the measurements, and voila!  I have tablecloths custom made for the theme of my party :).

Using cartolina for the zigzag was also an affordable but effective way of executing the stripe.  At first, I was going to have a black strip actually sewn onto the tablecloth, but eventually decided to have these elements separate so that the tablecloth could be more versatile, and used for other occasions :).

I then topped the tablecloth with fake grass (we rented them :)), which served as a platform for Snoopy’s doghouse, a plush Peanuts character toy (we had Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock and Sally), an old vintage Peanuts book, and ofcourse, a bowl of what else–boiled peanuts!  Hahaha 🙂  We finished the look off with light blue and white balloons which we tied to the doghouse.  These were supposed to resemble the sky and clouds :).

Here’s a close up of some of the centerpieces…



For the dessert table, my sister bought all kinds of Peanuts paraphernalia from abroad.  She bought a football, the little Christmas tree, figurines of Linus and Lucy in her Psychiatrist booth, a mini lunchbox, and a white mailbox.

Not having seen these items before, it was a bit tricky to arrange them on the table and to achieve some symmetry in terms of their bulk and height, but I think I managed fine.  Here is how the table ended up looking…


To complete the look, I added a background tarp which had the birthday greeting printed on it, hung some banderitas to make the table look more festive, then just added the desserts and let them be the center of attention! 🙂  Hahaha!

Here’s a more close up view…



The food table was much simpler :).  We just added food tags which again used the Charlie Brown shirt design, and banderitas :).  That’s pretty much all there was room for!  Hahaha!  But then again, as I had mentioned, my sister really wanted the feel to be very homey so adding just these two elements already made the table looked more polished than usual, but still very much like how our food is usually served at home :).


Last but not least were the souvenirs.  My sister had some canvas eco bags printed with Charlie Brown on them as well as the saying, “Love makes all the difference…”.  Cute, and practical, wouldn’t you say?  These were just stacked against each other neatly right next to the celebrant’s gifts, on the gift table.


So there you have it–another party styling success, if I do say so myself!  Success because I think we were able to decorate the venue very nicely without going overboard and overbudget!  Hahaha!  Even if the design was very simple, I got a lot of nice compliments from my (biased) friends and relatives.  Hahaha!

Compliments aside, though, I really enjoyed doing this for my sister, her hubby, and my nephew H :).  Seeing their happy, excited faces was definitely worth it! 🙂

And now let me end this post with a picture of mi familia.  We all decided to come in theme wearing our Snoopy shirts from Uniqlo!


Team Snoopy!!!

Hope you have an amazing week ahead! 🙂


4 responses to “{Party Planning} It’s The Great 3rd Birthday!

  1. I’m hosting a Charlie Brown baby shower and LOVE your party ideas…Where did you find the snoopy dog houses for the table centerpieces? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Mia,

    Would like to ask where your sister was able to buy the canvass eco bags please? I’ve been trying to look around for them but so far no luck. Hope you could point me to the right direction. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Candz,
      She got them from a supplier that makes bags/corporate souvenirs. She just gave them a sample of the bag, and a file of the design 🙂 I’d pass on their contact details, but unfortunately, she lost their calling card 😦

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