The Weekend That Was

We are back from a wonderful extended weekend :)!  Off we went to the North, to enjoy a little bit of R and R with my in-laws.

It was the perfect retreat, especially after a hectic, busy work week!  While I definitely feel refreshed and recharged, I’d be lying if I said I feel ready to go back to work too.  Hahaha!

Here are some snippets of our weekend.  As you can tell, it was all about quality time with the little one, with a bit of “me” time snuck in between :)…


I just love driving down SCTEx, especially on sunny days like these…


We’re here!!!


Relax mode ON!!!

Arie Goes Swimming

The little one is excited to take a dip!


Mission accomplished!  Thank goodness she did not inherit my fear of the water 🙂


Playtime with Dada…

Arie Drinking Milk

Taking a milk break by the poolside…In true A fashion, cool sunglasses are a must.


And while my two water babies were enjoying the pool, I was also getting much needed reading, relaxing and creating time.

*Sigh* Hoping for more weekends like these! 🙂


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