The Weekend That Was

As I’m writing this blog-post about our weekend round up, I am quite amazed that we were actually able to fill in so many activities in just two days!  It’s been quite a while since La Familia C’s had such a busy, action-packed weekend.  But I loved every minute of it!

Here’s how we spent our weekend…

Saturday morning was spent doing something creative–gift wrapping!  You guys know how much I loooooove packaging stuff :).  It just so happened that the day before, I got some really cute accessories from a store in the newly opened SM Aura–L’Indochine–and I used them to add more color and personality to a gift that I was wrapping to give Alex, our family’s long-time hairdresser.  We were seeing him later on in the day.


After getting my creative fix, the fam trooped over to Greenbelt for our haircuts! Here is the little one all ready for her trim :).  Doesn’t she look excited?  She wasn’t too keen on getting her hair chopped off though–she’s in the “feeling princess” stage and to be fair, I don’t think there are any princess’ with short hair! Hahaha!  So a trim it was :).


A's Haircut1

A's Haircut2

Tadaaaaah!!!  All done! 🙂

A quick lunch at Kenji-Tei followed Family Haircut Day, then we proceeded towards the North to check-out Heima Brixton, an artsy lifestyle-slash-furniture store that I’ve been dying to visit!


A lot of people describe Heima as the Philippine version of Anthropologie.  I think the design aesthetic of the two stores are very different, and the product selection is quite different too, but definitely, Heima is a creative person’s haven, the interiors beautifully done, the furniture on display a mix of quirky and vintage, the items for sale carefully curated.  I love it!!!






Saturday evening was a night for the adults.  The H and I, along with our good friend M, had a date with the Manila Pop Up Team over at Premio.  This was our second pop up, the first I wrote about here.  The theme for the night was Recess–a pretty cool theme, if I may say so :).  It was all about old school favorites–from the decor to the food items to the dress code (although we were kinda corny because we didn’t come in theme.  Hahaha!).  It was a very different experience from Barbacua–and deserves an entire blogpost of its own–but that’s the nice thing about these pop up themes, each one is unique and different from the last :).



On Sunday, we went on a roadtrip to meet with my cousin M to look at lots over at Nuvali.  The H and I have been thinking about investing lately, especially on land.  I’m drawn to the idea of eco-living, and this Ayala development precisely espouses that.



Before we took the “tour”, we ofcourse had to stop by the koi, and were quite surprised by the sight that greeted us.


The little miss was delighted with all the fish practically swimming on top of each other, looking for food!  Personally, I’d never seen so much koi in my entire life! Hahaha!  I actually also felt bad for some of the fishies.  They looked desperately hungry for food and some were even willing to swim out of the water, onto a rock, just to eat the fish pellets that had landed there.

A and the Fishies

After our tour of the various developments in Nuvali–the place is booming, by the way–we decided to have lunch at Italianni’s.  It was so nice of them to give A a make-your-own-pizza experience.  She loved it, and was quite good at it, if I may add. 🙂

Pizza Making with A

This is what the finished product looked like!

Biases aside, it actually tasted really good!

After that, we headed on back to Manila.  And this was when the weather started to turn wonky.  From sunny and quite unbearably hot in the morning, to wet and dreary in the afternoon. *Sigh*  This weather is schizo, I tell you.

But our day didn’t end there.  We managed to squeeze in an hour of shopping at the Karl Edwards Bazaar, ofcourse! 🙂  While we were really there to stock up on dvd’s, I ended up buying yet another navy and cream striped shirt.  Hahaha!  Like I need another one, right?  But at 300 bucks, I thought it was quite a steal!

So that’s pretty much what went down for us last weekend.  Whew!  No wonder I’m quite exhausted.  Hahaha!  Exhausted, but happy, though 🙂  And now ofcourse I’m already counting the days and looking forward for Friday to come. Hahaha!

Please come sooner!!!


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