A Day at the Museum

Looking for something to keep your curious and active toddler engaged?

If you’re like me, I am constantly challenged to keep my little miss busy and entertained.  Having been a pre-school teacher in my past life, I think I put extra pressure on myself to expose A to activities and experiences where she will learn new things and new skills.

Recently, we found ourselves on a holiday with nothing planned to do.  Rather than spending a perfectly good day indoors at home or at the mall, we decided to take the little miss to Museo Pambata or the Children’s Museum in Manila.



What a wonderful place!!!

Not only is the building itself beautiful and historic, but I love that the displays were interesting, interactive and very educational.  It kept my little one busy for hours!!!


The last time I was there was even before I took my Masters in New York–that was over 10 years ago!!!  But the museum looked very well maintained, and there were many displays there that I didn’t remember seeing before :).  So it was like seeing everything with fresh eyes :).

The first room we went to was called Old Manila.






They had cool replicas of a Spanish galleon, the Binondo Church, and the Meralco tranvia :).

They also had reproductions of the facade of La Puerto del Sol, one of the first department stores in Manila, an old Bahay na Bato balcony, and models of a jeepney and kalesa.

I really felt as if I was going back in time!  Hahaha.  It made me a bit wistful too, though.  If only the real Old Manila could be restored back to its former glory :(. Wouldn’t that be something? 🙂




Another themed room that A enjoyed was Kalikasan, a room where visitors are educated about the rainforest and marine life.




This slide kept A occupied for a good 20 minutes :).  She just loved climbing up and going down by herself (she’s on a “I can do this by myself” stage–hahaha!)!

After that, she enjoyed doing some pretend play both at the rice fields and in the botika…



Isn’t this bahay kubo too cute?  All the vegetables on display in front are from the Bahay Kubo song :).

The next room we visited was called The Global Village.  The current exhibit is on Singapore…




The little one was immediately attracted to the instruments, and to the display of international dolls and puppets…



There’s just something about banging and making loud noises that just draws toddlers in.  Hahahaha! 🙂

After The Global Village, we proceeded up the stairs to view the rest of the exhibits.  At the top of the stairs, this was the sight that greeted us…


It was a tunnel-slash-entrance to My Body Works, another themed room that helps children to understand how organs in the body function.  At first A was a bit creeped out by the size of the head, but when Dada held her hand and she discovered the maze, that’s it!  She zipped off and started to explore :).

My personal favorite area in the entire museum was the Pamilihang Bayan or marketplacea row of typical shops that one would find in a Filipino neighborhood.  There was a barber shop, a vegetable shop, a seafood shop, a pharmacy, and a carinderia.  Pretend play heaven!!!





Cute, right?  And fun, too!

The next room was a room on Career Options.  Currently, it is featuring a Writer’s and Illustrator’s Corner.  It was nice to see the work of some of my favorite Filipino illustrator’s on display :).




I’ve actually always dreamed of publishing my own children’s book.  Still do.  So this room was particularly meaningful and inspiring for me :).

My daughter loves children’s books too!  She has luckily inherited my pretty extensive collection :).  Maybe one day we’ll be able to collaborate on one together :).  Why not, right? 🙂

The last of the exhibits was on I Love My Planet Earth.  The interactive displays discussed climate change, and gave tips on how to save our planet.


Of all the items in the room, A immediately zeroed in on a big red truck!  Hahaha! What can I say, my daughter loves cars! 🙂


Look at how happy she is up there! 🙂

As you can tell, we had an amazing time at Museo Pambata!  Mission accomplished too!  Not only was my daughter thoroughly engaged, but I’m sure she learned a lot of new things too!

Even the hubby and I had a lot of fun!  It’s a bit cliche, but I really felt like a kid again 🙂  Hahaha!  Certainly, it was an afternoon well spent 🙂

So if you find yourself with some free time in the city and have nothing to do, try making your way to the Museo Pambata!  Certainly, it’s a place for good ol’ fashioned fun and learning for the entire family! 🙂

Admission : Php100

Hours of Operation :

8AM-5PM Tuesdays to Saturdays

1PM-5PM Sundays



2 responses to “A Day at the Museum

  1. Dear Mia, Leah forwarded your blog on Museo Pambata. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Am so happy you enjoyed it, specially your adorable little girl. She was just a baby – and look at her now…the ‘explorer’. Am sure she is getting the best of her happy, colorful, creative mom. Mia, am into sewing now, would you believe. Leah and you should come over and let’s talk about arts and crafts! Also have a bright idea for you – let’s re-do the “Katawan Ko” Room. Will write to you about this..but don’t have your email! Love to the family! Nina

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