I am Loving…

…RuMe Eco Bags!


RuMe stands for ReUse Me, the newest eco lifestyle brand to hit town!

Not only do they have a chic line of bags and accessories that are stylish and functional, but they also promote a more sustainable lifestyle– using less, by re-using more!  Cool, right?  A brand with a conscience!

What I love about RuMe is that it is a structured bag.  It has both sides and a bottom, making the bag more sturdy, and keeping its contents from jostling about.

Made from machine washable and water resistant fabric, each RuMe bag can also hold up to 50 lbs!  Can you just imagine all the stuff this bag can hold? 🙂

Lastly, I love that RuMe comes in different sizes, fabrics, and styles, and comes with various accessories as well.


The smallest of the bags is the Mini.


The next and classic size is the Medium (R), followed by the Macro (L).  You can actually even have your RuMe Medium bag customized (details on their website).


If you like lots of pockets on your bag, try the RuMe All.  It has 3 pockets–one in front, and 2 at the sides.  Kind of makes an ideal, lightweight baby bag, don’t you think? 🙂


To keep items organized inside your bag, RuMe has a line of accessories starting with the Pocket.  It can be used to store keys, credit cards, money, and a cellphone.  It can also be attached to the straps of the RuMe bag…


Then there’s the Baggie.  Twice the height of the Pocket, this is something that I’d probably use to keep a small notebook and pen in, or maybe a small pack of tissues, my business card holder…  It’s a good, basic size, and looks like it can be used to store a variety of things :).


And lastly, there’s the Baggie All which can hold more of your cosmetics and other toiletries.

In Manila, the RuMe brand is distributed by Honest Ventures Corporation.

I actually met the very young and charming President of the company, Jamie, during the Best Food Forward Fair :).  She was so enthusiastic about this product, and her enthusiasm totally rubbed off on me!  Hahaha!  But then again, eco bags are my guilty pleasure 🙂  I can never have too many, especially when it’s time to do the groceries!  Definitely, NO PLASTIC bags for me!

According to Jamie, RuMe bags are available at Certified Calm at Two Parkade in BGC (along 30th and 7th), and at the Salcedo Weekend Market.

Get your RuMe now, and let’s start re-using! 🙂


2 responses to “I am Loving…

  1. Vintage4YourHome

    Those are cool.

  2. Love the prints and colors!!!

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