Today, happiness is…

…a mother-daughter art collaboration!


With nothing planned over the non-working holiday (intentionally so as I had just arrived from two back to back trips!), I was determined to do something creative and fun with the little miss :).

I’ve been feeling awfully guilty about not spending enough quality time with her lately (the pitfalls of being a working mom :(), so I thought it was time to bust out the watercolors and paint to Katy Perry!  Hahaha!  Yes, my daughter loooooooves dancing to Katy’s music!


A did the lines, while I made the “dots”! 🙂

Of all the artworks we produced, this was my absolute favorite!

It’s a good thing I remembered I had a spare frame from SM in our storage cabinet so in a matter of minutes our collaboration was framed and ready for display!

Simple pleasures :).

My dose of happy for the day :).


One response to “Today, happiness is…

  1. Can you tell I have down time and am catching up on my blog reading…and commenting! This post “hit home”. 🙂 Loved reading it and seeing the truly beautiful mom-daughter collaboration! Funny as I had just framed some of E’s recent art work too and the latest (albeit with nail polish as paint) consists of her brush strokes and my dots channeling Georges Seurat. Hahaha. You know, in sharing my favorite things and activities with her, sometimes I wonder if subconsciously I might also be trying to pass on to her my unrealized artistic (and theatrical!) ambitions. Hahaha. …No doubt, A will treasure those works of art and memories as she gets older! So so special. 🙂

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