Fabulous Find : Ministry of Mushrooms’ 3-Kinds Mushroom Risotto

I’m not much of a cook, but I do know how to cook.  Hahaha!

When I was living abroad, I had to learn how to cook more out of necessity, otherwise I’d probably starve to death, or worse, have to eat really unhealthy fast food all the time!

While I’ve gotten good feedback on the dishes I’ve prepared, it’s still not enough to motivate me to slave away in the kitchen.  There’s something about the peeling, cutting, dicing, and absorbing all the food smells that just doesn’t appeal to me.  I’d much rather wash dishes!  Hahaha!

Thank goodness for meals that cut out all the prep work, but still taste so yummy,  it makes you look like you spent the whole afternoon preparing it in the kitchen!  Hahaha!

Enter, Ministry of Mushrooms’ 3-Kinds Mushroom Risotto!


It comes in an aluminum sealed pack, and is good for 4 servings.  To make the dish look more profesh, you can even add strips of grilled chicken and asparagus! 🙂

Would you have guessed that I just poured all the contents into my rice cooker, added onion, water and oil, and twiddled my thumbs waiting for it to cook?

And it was so yummy, the H was impressed!

Definitely, my kind of meal!  Fuss free and delicious!  And at Php300 a pack, it hardly breaks the bank too!

This amazing find is available at the Ministry of Mushroom stall at Salcedo Park Market every Saturday morning 🙂


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