Fabulous Find : V-neck Tees

I’m a uniform kind of gal.

As I’ve gotten older, practical but stylish dressing has been key in helping me keep up with the demands of my family, my career, and my lifestyle.

Now that I’ve pretty much figured out the kind of silhouette that works best for my body type, I tend to stick to this type of clothing–hence, the uniform.

Lately, it’s been all about t-shirts and pencil cut skirts.  Not only is it very classic, but I also love that the look can go from casual and relaxed, to dressy and sophisticated with just a change in accessories and footwear!

Last weekend, as I was treating myself to some retail therapy at the Karl Edwards Bazaar in BGC, I happened upon a stall that was selling cotton v-neck shirts in bright, bold colors!  Perfect for the summer!  At only Php150 a tee, I could not resist buying it in 5 different colors!  What a steal, right?


I even found a great pencil cut skirt in a lovely shade of magenta too.  I love that it will go with any of these tees!

So there you have it, my fabulous find for the week–v-necks in the colors of summer!  Not only are they bright, happy and versatile, but I love that they were so affordable too!


One response to “Fabulous Find : V-neck Tees

  1. i seriously need white tees!

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