Foodie Friday : Wrong Ramen

Time for another Foodie Friday post, folks!

The H and I finally had a chance to try the newest ramen place in town–Wrong Ramen at Burgos Circle in BGC!!!


What I love about this place is its slightly irreverent approach to this traditional Japanese fare.  There is nothing typical about the ramen here, yet Wrong Ramen makes no apologies about it.  It poses the question: “Is it better to do Wrong Ramen Right, or Right Ramen Wrong?”


Hmmm…“Ano nga ba?”

Read on and find out…


We had the Enoki Mushroom Fries for starters.  To be honest, I could not really taste any of the mushroom :(.  Sayang because it sounded so good when it was described on the menu.  I think this is one dish that can still be improved on.


For my main dish, I had the Sea Men Ramen.  Catchy name, right?  Hahaha!  And it’s called so because it is a seafood ramen!  There were clams, shrimps, and some squid rings, along with a good dose of bean sprouts and spring onions.

The broth of this soup was light, yet very flavorful.  I looooved it, and so did the little one!  Two thumbs up, and highly recommended!


The H, on the other hand, ordered the Wrong Ramen Tonkotsu Rich.  From the way he slurped his soup, and finished his bowl down to the last drop, I guess I could say that he enjoyed his meal!  Hahaha!  I actually liked the slightly nutty taste of the broth too.  I only wish they added more pieces of pork, though :).

Aside from our meal, I also looooooved Wrong Ramen’s interiors!  Although the place is quite small, I thought the minimalist tables with dividers were genius!  Depending on the size of your party, the tables can expand simply by removing the dividers!


I also loved the quirky art…



…and this painting by Dan Matutina!

So despite its name, I definitely think that Wrong Ramen got a lot of things right!

No doubt, we will be making more trips back here!  Thank goodness it’s right in the neighborhood! 🙂

WRONG RAMEN, Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio, right next to the Apple Store, Telephone Number 823 8249

Tip: Try to come early.  Since the place is small, it fills up quite fast.  During the time of our dinner, they were not yet accepting reservations.


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