The Weekend That Was (Part 1) : Art In The Park 2013

Okay, so Saturday at Art in the Park was AMAZING!!!

My buddy M and I were there bright and early (like right at the stroke of 2PM), to get first dibs on the fabulous artwork.

Unbeknownst to us, the booths opened early and there were many other eager (art) beavers already milling about Salcedo Park.


Nevertheless, we still both scored some great pieces–naturally, at great prices too!

Here are some of the stuff that we saw :



I really wanted this sculpture by Pete Jimenez :(.  Unfortunately, the H and I had a budget that I had to strictly stick to :(.


These artworks are perfect for the little girl’s room :).  Unfortunately, I’m all out of wall space!  But definitely something to keep in mind should we be blessed with another peanut in the future :).

(Clockwise left : May Tobias-Papa, Roel Obemio, Patsy Paterno, Beth Parrocha)


Loved the display of these miniature building replicas by 98B COLLABoratory.  They are doing all sorts of wonderful things over at the Escolta neighborhood, reviving and breathing new life to it.  I must make my way over there one of these days :).

To know more about their vision and advocacy, check out their website at or


Ral Arrogante’s work is always a favorite.  I really hope to own one of these fishing houses someday.


As expected, there were some really quirky stuff at the Secret Fresh booth.  LIKE!


I super fell in love with this artwork by Oliver Olivete.  I loved the colors, the subject, and that it was something different from the art that I usually buy.

Unfortunately, because I could only choose one piece to walk home with, I decided to go with this:


A mother and child by Roel Obemio.   Since I started collecting paintings, the subject of Mother and Child has always been my favorite.  In this particular piece, I was drawn to the mother reading a book to the child.  It reminded me of myself and the little one.  Reading is our bonding “thing” :).

I really wish I had more time to explore the wonderful art at Art in the Park.  Being surrounded by so much talent and scoring an amazing piece was so thrilling!  The only blip of the day was that the weather was acting a bit wonky :(.  Walking on muddy ground was not quite fun.  Hahaha!

I can’t wait until our painting gets framed, though.  I have just the perfect spot for it at home!  I am so excited!  Stay tuned!  I promise to post photos of it when it’s up and hanging :).


One response to “The Weekend That Was (Part 1) : Art In The Park 2013

  1. Thanks for writing about the art fair and sharing pictures, Mia! I thought hard about traveling with E and my parents for my Lola’s birthday earlier this year and was super excited thinking about being able to attend the fair then too. But it was not meant, I suppose, as the school we were applying to scheduled E’s parent-child visit at the same time. Sigh…Maybe next year! Love the pics and the works. Upon seeing the first Roel Obemio work you featured (father-son(?) kite-flying), I immediately thought to myself “Must ask Mia the name of the artist!” Thanks for including. I am not surprised you went home with one of his works! We think reading is one of the most important things we can do for and with our children. And R is especially OBSESSED with reading to E. A painting of them reading together would make a perfect present for his upcoming birthday. 🙂 Please continue to share these art-related posts! And thanks again!

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