Musings of a COO: Health 4 Humanity

Being able to bring the gift of health to underprivileged communities is such a blessing :).

Last week, volunteers from our company conducted a medical mission at the KarismaVille Subdivision in Malabon.  It’s a project we have in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Philippines.

It was such a wonderful way to spend my day :).


My IG post that morning: It’s a wonderful day for a med mission!  Let’s get these people healthy!!!

You can’t imagine how many people–kids especially–are sick nowadays.  Unfortunately, most people in the community can’t afford to buy medicines to help them get better :(.





Days like these are both fulfilling yet humbling.  It makes more obvious how my world is very different from theirs, and how I’ve been very fortunate in my life.

It kinda puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

Definitely, it makes me think twice before I start ranting about my problems :).



I am truly thankful for the generosity of our employees who helped make the med mission a success!

Their willingness to serve and to lend themselves to this cause is so inspiring!


One response to “Musings of a COO: Health 4 Humanity

  1. Yes, truly a blessing! It is a special gift to be able to do work that you love and is meaningful and helpful to others, especially those who are most in need. I will be in search of that once E starts school! LOL. I wish you continued success!

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