The Brunch Files : Early Bird Breakfast Club

When it comes to restaurants, it’s quite difficult for me NOT to “judge a book by its cover.”  If you’ve been reading my blog, you will know by now how important restaurant decor and ambience is to me.  I’m one of those people who love eating, but get more excited when the restaurant looks chic and pretty :).  Hahaha! 🙂

Early Bird Breakfast Club is one of the newcomers to The Fort’s all-day breakfast dining scene, and it certainly passes the pretty standard with flying colors!


Located right next to Zong at The Fort Strip, it is at the ground floor of the building that was once Pier One.

I love that the exteriors of the restaurant already project lots of sunshine and cheerfulness 🙂  The peach and yellow combination surprisingly works! 🙂


The interior is equally bright and pretty :).  I fell in love with these vintage chairs, with their tiffany blue seat covers.  I’m glad this table was unoccupied when we arrived  so we were able to get seated here.


Patterns, patterns, patterns everywhere!  A good mix of feminine, geometric and kitschy done just right :).


I think this is the best seat in the house :).  Very picture-worthy too :).  Unfortunately, this table only seats two.  Great for dates, not so great for dates with a plus one.  Hahaha! 🙂


On to the food…

I ended up having some Nutella Hot Chocolate and Adobo Flakes.  The H decided on Tapsilog and a double espresso.  Between the two entrees, I have to say the Tapsilog was the better choice.  The timpla was  sweet and garlicky, just the way hubby likes it.  Unfortunately, my Adobo Flakes were a bit too vinegar-y for my taste.  I actually had to order a side of poached egg just to balance off the zing.




The hot chocolate was really good, though :).  I love how it tasted exactly like Nutella!  Even the little one downed the shot glass of hot chocolate that I poured for her :).

The verdict?

Even though my meal was a bit of a fail, I’d like to chalk it up to soft opening woes–they’re probably still working on getting the dishes cooked just right.  I definitely think I’d like to come back to Early Bird Breakfast Club though, to try their other breakfast offerings, and to enjoy the chill and cheerful atmosphere.



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