Fabulous Find // BONO Artisanal Gelato

So I’ve been reading a lot of rave reviews about BONO gelato lately.

And after seeing the umpteenth post about it on Instagram, I finally convinced my good friend M to make the trip to SM Makati with me so we could give it a try, and see what all the fuss is about.


What can I say?

The experience of eating BONO gelato was every bit as delightful as I expected it to be :).

Creamy, smooth and not too sweet, I thoroughly enjoyed my scoop of Malted Milk.  I was actually amazed at how it tasted precisely like Malted Milk!  Hahaha!  Coz don’t you hate it when the flavor says one thing, and the taste says another?  I’ve experienced that with other gelato brands.  Such a disappointment!  But with BONO gelato, flavor and taste are one and the same! 🙂

They also have other unique flavors such as Cereal and Milk, Chocolate-covered Potato Chip, and the very popular Speculoos.  Ofcourse they also offer more typical choices too such as Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, and Roasted Pistachio.

I thought it was cool that the guy at the counter gladly let me sample as many flavors as I wanted.  Now I know that the next time I find myself craving for BONO gelato, I’m having me some Speculoos and Roasted Pistachio.  They are yum!

And the best part is, because it’s gelato, it’s supposed to be less fattening than ice cream!  Hahaha!  Good news for all of us perennial dieters! *wink, wink*  Also, BONO promises that it uses only the finest imported and local ingredients–nothing artificial– and that each batch is made fresh, the “real” way and without any shortcuts.

Do I already have you convinced to give it a try? 😉 Hahaha!

I guess no store review would be complete for me without mentioning design or ambience.  I’m a sucker for that.  I’m elated to say that aside from having such a yummy product, the store atmosphere was also so nice–so bright and cheerful!  Seeing the colorful and cute graphics on their wall made me feel really happy! 🙂  The typography they used was really cool too–kinda retro-ish.  Totally Instagram/FaceBook worthy siya!  Hahaha!

So once I am off my dessert fast for Lent, I am definitely making a beeline for BONO gelato.  After 40 days of no sweets, this would no doubt be a wonderful reward :).

BONO Gelato is located on the 2nd floor of SM Makati, right off of the bridgeway coming from Glorietta


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