Project Coffee Table Make Over — Done!

Styling our coffee table has been a project on my to-do list for quite some time now.  While it is a very functional piece of furniture and provides much needed storage, our coffee table is unfortunately massive, boring and brown :(.   Rather than replacing it, I’ve been dying to give it a make-over for like forever!  In my opinion, it’s in dire need of the perfect vignette to give it some visual interest.

And finally, after months and months of experimenting and editing,  I think I’ve done it–at least for now.  Hahaha!

This is what our coffee table looks like:


The Elements :

Nito Woven Tray

Cactus Plant (This is actually a stand in for now.  I’m planning to replace this with fresh flowers or a mini terrarium)


Stacked Books

Objects of Interest – a small chest from India, and a bowl from Leyte

So, what do you think?


2 responses to “Project Coffee Table Make Over — Done!

  1. Vintage4YourHome

    It’s simple but it says it.. I like it!

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