Foodie Friday : Spectrum at The Raffles

My dad just turned a year younger :).

To celebrate, we were treated to a sumptious buffet dinner at Spectrum, in the newly-opened Raffles Hotel.

It’s been AGES since I last ate buffet dining!  Obviously, I’m always on a diet and challenged to shed these extra pounds I’ve put on.  Hahaha!  But since it was a very special occasion, and hey, it was  a free dinner, so I allowed myself this indulgence :).  Hahaha!  Excuses, excuses, right? 🙂

The restaurant is very posh and nicely decorated :).  Quite dimly lit, compared to Circles and Heat at the Shangri-La.  But it had a very luxurious feel to it, without feeling too stiff and stuffy :).  I liked that :).  I also liked these tasseled drop lamps :).  Very pretty :).



The staff was also very friendly and attentive without being too overly solicitous. They knew just when to magically appear by our side to offer to clear our plates, or to follow up on our food.  They were also confidently well informed about their offerings, and answered our questions with knowledge and ease.  That’s another thing I liked.  Waitstaff who don’t know what they’re talking about is a serious pet peeve of mine, and can seriously ruin my dining experience.

On to the food…

Just like other buffets, Spectrum had many different stations.  Funny though, from where we sat, we had to pass by the dessert station first before getting to the actual food!  Hahaha!  My mouth was totally watering when I saw all the delectable sweets that were on display!




Aside from desserts, Spectrum also had a salad bar, a bread bar, a selection of cheeses and cured meats, a raw bar, a noodle station, a carving station, an area for Chinese food (siomai, duck, steamed fish, etc.), and a selection of international dishes.  There was so much to choose from!






Careful decisions definitely had to be made.  Hahaha!

Eventually, I ended up with a plateful of sushi, a couple of dimsum, some noodles for long life (ofcourse!), and roast beef from the carving station.  I have to say, the roast beef was sooooooo good, and sooooo buttery soft it totally deserves a special mention!  Mmmmmm…!  My tummy is growling right now, just thinking about it!  Hahaha!

The verdict?

Even though I’m not a fan of buffet dining, I have to say that Spectrum provides a yummy, enjoyable eating experience.  They have a good selection of food items to choose from, without being too overwhelming.  I also like that the food is cooked in small portions, so you are assured that what you eat is always fresh, hot and new.

The staff is very well trained–friendly, knowledgeable, and on their toes.  The manager even came to our table to greet us, and to make sure we were enjoying our food.  Our glasses were promptly filled with water, plates were bussed immediately, and they were also very quick to act upon all our requests :).  I actually felt like we had our own personal butler :)!  Definitely, plus points! 🙂

The ambience was also very nice :).  Among all the hotel buffet restaurants, I think Spectrum is the most classy :).  I liked how the space felt so intimate and cozy, despite its size.  The acoustics are really good too!  I actually had no idea that there were so many other diners in the restaurant that night!  It seemed like it was just us :).  It was that quiet!  Hahaha :).  Which was great because it was like dad had his own private little party :).


Great food, excellent service, and a beautiful ambience–what more could I ask for, right?  For those of you looking for a place for your next gorge fest, definitely give Spectrum a try!

SPECTRUM, G/F Fairmont Makati, 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati, TELEPHONE (632) 555.9888, EMAIL


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