The Weekend That Was

Aaaaaaaaand yet another weekend down in January!

OMG, is it me or is this month just passing us by at warp speed?!?

This weekend we celebrated our clan reunion.

Since my family played host, we held it at my grandparents’ rest home in Bulacan.

I just love it here!  It holds so many wonderful memories of my childhood :).


I especially love the house’s facade, not only for its retro ’70s design (isn’t the wooden grill carving surrounding the front door so vintagey cool? :)), but also for how it reminds me of many an afternoon spent on Lolo and Lola’s rocking chairs, seeing how high they could go. 🙂


The inside of the house is now a treasure trove of antiques and other items that belonged to both my grandparents.  It’s actually been converted into a museum, but I think it still looks much like how it used to when it was their home–only a bit nicer and more organized.  Hahaha!


I don’t know if you can tell, but aside from some artwork, this wall also has a lot of pictures of my family throughout the years.

Those were the days…*sigh*

That painting in the middle is by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo.  I’ve heard that he painted this portrait of my grandmother and my aunts for 500 pesos!  Can you believe it?


One of my most favorite spots in this house is the dining area (I’ve got my eye on that chandelier.  Hahaha! :P).  I have such fond recollections of drinking sweetened buko juice, with the hugest chunks of coconut meat to go with it.  It was Lola’s idea of merienda when I was little.

Those were definitely good times :).

I wish I had taken more pictures to show you guys but unfortunately, these were the only ones I was able to take :(.  The reunion was in full swing, and I had just slipped out for a while to use the bathroom when I took these photographs.

Nevertheless, these photos took me on a wonderful 5-minute trip down memory lane.

It was a great way to wrap up the weekend :).


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