The Brunch Files: Maple

Have any of you been to the new and improved San Antonio Plaza lately?  Not only is it a waaaaaay better version of its former self, but its also got a lot of new shops to browse, and food establishments to try! 🙂

One of the new kids on the block is Maple.


I’d been hearing a lot about their breakfast items–especially their fluffy pancakes!  So one Saturday morning, the H and I, along with the little one, decided to have brunch there.

Maple is on the second floor of the plaza, right next to a much bigger Starbucks, and Golden Spoon Yogurt.  I was quite surprised to find out that the restaurant is by the Pancake House Group.  In fact, it is meant to be a more upscale Pancake House!  Well, no wonder the pancakes (in particular) had been receiving a lot of good reviews :).


To be honest, I’m not a pancake fan, but I do love a good eggs benedict so I was pleased to find out that they had it in their menu.  Both the H and I wanted very much to try their steak and eggs, but unfortunately, it wasn’t available that day. So I decided on the eggs benedict anyway.  The H ended up ordering a stack of chocolate chip pancakes–same as what he usually orders in Pancake House. Hahaha!  What can I say–we’re creatures of habit! 🙂

By the time my food came, I was really, really hungry!!!  But I managed to capture this shot right before I dug in.


Looks yummy, right? 🙂

It was actually not bad, although I have had better :).  This version did not make use of the regular english muffin and spinach.  Instead, it had a croissant-like bun and lettuce.  Because I’m not into flaky pastries, I ended up leaving the croissant bun and just ate the egg, lettuce and ham.

The fries were nice and crisp, though, and both the H and A could not resist munching on them :).

H’s pancakes were also quite good :).  They were served as a stack of three, with chocolate shavings on top!  The difference from the chocolate chip pancakes of Pancake House, this version had much bigger chunks of chocolate inside!  Nice to see that they didn’t scrimp on this :).  The portion was also quite big–for once, the H couldn’t even finish it and had to take the rest of his breakfast home!

One of the things I loved about Maple is their placemat!  Hahaha!


Pretty, right?  Can you guess what it is? 🙂

While the restaurant space is very small, I also liked that the interiors are quite homey.  The seating is plush and comfortable, although I’m not too sure how I feel about their choice of tangerine for their upholstery.  Maybe an ode to the Mother Company?



So if you haven’t yet, do give Maple a try, especially if you find yourself in the area.  They had other interesting stuff in their menu that look like they deserve another visit! 🙂


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