I Am Loving…

…these LoveBirdsLA clutches!!!


I just love having really talented friends and family :).

LoveBirdsLA is a partnership between 2 long-time friends, M and K, who also happen to be both friends and family of mine (K is married to the H’s cousin! :))

LoveBirdsLA is a line of gorgeous, unique clutches–all hand-made by K–with fabrics sourced from exotic places like South America and Asia!

Aren’t they so cheery and colorful? 🙂  They definitely add an instant pop to my wardrobe!

The neon zip is definitely my favorite detail :).  I love that it is quite unexpected, and oh so eye-catching!

I use my LoveBirdsLA clutches all the time now!  In the daytime, it’s in my bag carrying smaller items–my wallet, lip balm, my cellphone, a pen, and my planner. When I have to leave the office, I no longer have to bring my ginormous work bag with me.  I simply grab my LoveBirdsLA clutch, and I’m out the door with all my essentials!

At night, I’ve used it as a statement clutch to accent my LBD.  Since I’ve been feeling quite lazy to dress up lately, I can actually get away with wearing a simple dress, then just amp it up with my colorful clutch!  Don’t you just love dressing made easy?  Hahaha 🙂

If you wanna know more about LoveBirdsLA, visit their site at http://www.shop.lovebirdsla.com


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