Foodie Friday : Recovery Food

I am hardly a night owl but lately, both the H and I have been having trouble falling asleep.  I don’t know if it’s the product of an active mind and having too much at work to think about (bad!!!), but we end up hitting the sack at around midnight, or even later.

Often, because of our less than ideal sleep habits, the H and I get the munchies.  I know, I know…very bad if you’re perenially on a diet like we (the H and I) are.  We usually succumb to our cravings with cookies, a bag of Ruffles or Cheetos, or left-overs from dinner (and I’m wondering how I’ve gained weight, right? Hahaha!). But when we’re REALLY hungry and feel like treating ourselves, we also make calls to Yellow Cab for our favorite pizza, or make food runs to North Park for some dimsum.  Yumyum!

About 2 weeks ago, the H and I made a really fabulous discovery–a restaurant that not only serves really good comfort food, but that is open 24/7!!!  Yup, you read it right–it’s open the whole day!  And from the owners of Mamou, no less!

What is this fabulous restaurant, you ask?  It’s called Recovery Food :).


Conveniently located in Bonifacio Global City across MC Home Depot and near the Starbucks drive-through, this means the H and I now have a very accessible midnight craving haunt :)!  For clubbers, it means the newest after-party or post-hangover breakfast destination.  And for call center agents, it’s one of those very few places that serve delicious, affordable food during the wee hours of the morning!  I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but one thing I do know is that having a restaurant that serves yummy comfort fare at all hours of the day, and that is practically a stone’s throw away from home is mighty dangerous.  Hahaha!

Since we’ve made this discovery, the H and I have already been there twice.  Once for lunch, and another time for an early morning snack after picking up my sissy from the airport (1AM!).  Both times, we enjoyed our food immensely :).  Their ramen is turning into a fast favorite for the H, while their Happy Beef rice bowl is my go-to meal!


Despite the no-frills and slightly cramped interiors, I foresee that we will be back at Recovery Food many, many more times :).  Just like it promises, the food is comforting and familiar, yummy and fulfilling–precisely what the H and I need and look for during those too often midnight cravings :).


I think next time, I’m gonna try me some TuronDots with Dulce Gatas.  Sa pangalan pa lang, panalo na!  Hahaha!


One response to “Foodie Friday : Recovery Food

  1. This place souds great! And wow, what is “dulce gatas”?!?! I guess sweet milk, but am wondering about its taste and texture. I love anything milky and creamy. And I just love pinoy food. Lately I’ve been eating too much polvoron, pastillas, barquillos, taba ng talangka with rice, bottled tuyo with rice, Good Shepherd ube etc. thanks to visiting relatives. 🙂 Today’s lunch was boneless bangus with rice and pinakurat. Can’t wait ‘until my next trip back. Food trip for sure with E! 🙂

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