This is what’s kept me happily occupied lately…


Yup, it’s wrapping madness over here at Casa C!  My poor living room has now been overtaken by boxes, ribbons, wrapping paper, and gifts waiting to be prettily packaged :).

I’m not complaining, though :).

Despite the fact that I am waaaaaaaay behind my usual holiday schedule, these prezzies are just so pretty to look at and have been so therapeutic to wrap–I’ve decided that I’m totally going to take my time and enjoy the process!  Hahaha!  Once I start wrapping, I’m in the zone!  Boom!

My sister thinks I should totally do this for a living.  Actually, I’ve been considering it for a while too.


How are you guys coming along with your Christmas wrapping? 🙂


One response to “Prezzies

  1. These are beautiful! I’m done wrapping our gifts, too. But they’re not as spectacular as these!

    May I ask where did you get your photos printed out? This is an awesome idea for gift tags 🙂

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