Musings of a COO: A Night Out With My Girls

My girls and I have been working so hard lately, that I totally feel we deserve a break–a break from the stress and madness!  Hahaha!

As timing would have it, we were recently invited to WWF’s (World Wildlife Fund for Nature) Partner’s Night at Chef Jessie’s in Rockwell.  This event is held yearly, and is an opportunity for WWF to award the different companies that they work with, and that support their environmental advocacies.

We were not only honored to be one of the evening’s awardees, but we were also very excited at the chance to kick up our heels, get dressed in fancy clothes, and just be away from the confines of our office.  Hahaha!  Never mind that it was a work-related function–we were all just so thrilled to be able to have a night out! Hahaha!

We arrived at Chef Jessie’s just in time to find our seats, have a quick bite, and make the rounds of greeting our friends at WWF.

Soon after, we heard the name of our company called, so I had to go up the stage and accept the award.

The best part of the evening (aside from receiving the award, ofcourse!) was being able to meet Rovilson Fernandez and Marc Nelson, WWF’s brand ambassadors, and the hosts of that evening’s shindig.

Here is my team posing with Rovilson and Marc, as well as with WWF’s Chairman, Vince Perez, and President, Lory Tan.

Haaaaay!  To be in the presence of such cuteness!  Hahaha!

Seriously, though, I am very proud of the work my company has done with WWF. This year, we collaborated on a project called Kalakasan, Kalikasan, an environmental life skills program aimed at educating children aged 9-11 about the effects of climate change on health.  It taught them about the causes of global warming, and how we play a huge part in saving the environment even through small lifestyle changes. Students were also taught how to keep themselves healthy in the midst of the ever-changing weather patterns, and the increasing incidence of weather-related diseases.

The nice thing about the program is its trickle down effect.  It began with the teachers, was passed on to the students, who in turn shared the information they learned with their families.

It was a very successful collaboration so we will definitely be doing it again with WWF next year!  Hooray!  And it will be even bigger and better, with more schools enrolled in the program :)!

It’s initiatives like these that really make me proud of the work that my team does.  To be able to affect lives positively and to be a proponent for change is not just fulfilling, but it is also such an honor.  Especially lately that we can really see how “damaged” Mother Nature has become, and how we are feeling the effects of global warming, it makes every contribution to saving the environment all the more valuable.  And I’m glad that through this effort, our company is able to do its share :).

Okay, enough of the seriousness…Let me end this post with my final photo of that evening–a souvenir of the cuteness that is Marc Nelson. Bwahahaha!


Yes, ladies, that is my arm around his waist 🙂  Hahaha!  Yes, I have no shame. Hahaha!

It was definitely a fabulous night :).


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