With sunny and bright blue skies hovering above us, my family made its way to the Balik-Bukid Country Fair at Sta. Elena Farms last Saturday.

We could not have asked for a more perfect day to enjoy this one-of-a-kind family event!  The weather totally cooperated, granted it was a bit too warm and humid for me (read: totally frizzy hair weather!). Hahaha!  It’s a good thing I decided to wear my hair up.  Otherwise…disaster!  Hahaha!  But despite the heat, it seemed that everyone was enjoying and taking full advantage of the sunshine, especially since the entire affair was held outdoors :).

This being our first Balik-Bukid experience, my family was very excited to eat, relax, shop and unwind.  We definitely wanted to enjoy everything the event had to offer :).  I think you will see from the images below that it was mission accomplished!

Here are some photos of our uber fun day:

There were some picnic tables and banigs strewn across the grassy lawn of the venue.  Families were eating, kids were running around–the atmosphere was quite relaxed, despite the crazy amount of people that were already there.  I took this as a good sign that we too were going to have loads of laid-back fun :)!

I love that there were lots of booths in the shopping area featuring a wide selection of wares–most of them unique, hand-made and natural products! I loved the Waldorf-inspired dolls, the old-school, smocked children’s clothes, as well as the wonderfully crafted items for the home.  I had a great time browsing around, looking for items to gift for Christmas!  Hahaha!

For the little one, there were a lot of activities to engage in :).  She especially liked petting and feeding the animals.  Here she is with the rabbits and the guinea pigs.

I like how baskets were provided for the children so that they could get even closer to and interact better with the animals.  It sure beat feeding them through the chicken wire fence :).  A loved stroking the fur of the guinea pigs, and did not hesitate picking them up with her bare hands :).  She is definitely an animal lover!

Aside from the petting and fishing area, the kids were also treated to carabao and horse rides.

Notice how my daughter totally loved the experience!

And guess who we bumped into while at the fair?  A’s cousin H!  Here are the hubby and I, taking the two kiddos for a boat ride.  Fun, fun, fun!!! 🙂

Awww…aren’t they too cute?

The one thing I loved about Balik-Bukid is how it reminded me of my simple yet wonderful childhood–when having fun meant spending an afternoon in the playground, swinging to my heart’s content; when family time meant picnics at the park, spending quality time with each other, and discovering new experiences together.

Back then, kids did not need technology to be entertained.  They just needed wide open spaces, a playground, or some bugs or animals to chase around.  Hahaha!   This was the type of fun Balik-Bukid had to offer.  It was truly a day of going back to basics, and having good ol’ fashioned family fun :).

I can’t wait until next year’s country fair! 🙂



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